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Review: Hillbilly Rockstar by Lorelei James

Hillbilly Rockstar - Lorelei James



Get ready for a rockin’ good time with Hillbilly Rockstar! Lorelei James kicks up the heat with this sultry romance and keeps things lively thanks to her two endearing, heart-headed leads.

Liberty is a tough-as-nails veteran who’s an intriguing mix of strength and vulnerability. I loved how kick-ass she was and admired her intelligence, and the way Devin gets under her skin and into her heart made the pages of Hillbilly Rockstar fly by. And speaking of Devin…man, he’s just about every woman’s fantasy come true. Who could resist a charismatic, gorgeous musician with a good heart? Thankfully, Ms. James doesn’t make Devin perfect. His pride and resistance to admitting he needs protection leads him to be a bit of a jerk to Liberty in the beginning of the story. But not only does she call him on it, Devin does a complete one-eighty once he gets to know Liberty. The two of them have excellent chemistry and there’s a sense of realism to their relationship thanks to the ups and downs their burgeoning romance faces. It isn’t smooth sailing when a protective, traditional (for lack of a better word) guy like Devin has a female bodyguard. But every bump in the road is worth it in the end.

Though Devin and Liberty’s relationship is the center of Hillbilly Rockstar, the threats against Devin and the not-always-glamorous life of a musician on tour round out the story and were just as entertaining as the romance. In addition, we get to see Liberty and Devin’s friends and family, many of whom are past Blacktop Cowboys heroes and heroines. While Hillbilly Rockstar can be read as a standalone, fans of the series will undoubtedly love the opportunity to catch up with some of their past favorite characters. I’ve been reading this series out of order, but after finishing Hillbilly Rockstar I definitely want to catch up on the characters whose books I’ve missed.

Hillbilly Rockstar delights from beginning to end thanks to the story’s appealing leads and Ms. James’s lively prose. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Liberty and Devin and I can’t wait to read more Blacktop Cowboy books.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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