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Review: Texas Outlaws: Jesse by Kimberly Raye

Texas Outlaws: Jesse - Kimberly Raye



Gracie Stone is the mayor-elect of Lost Gun, Texas and she’s determined to be everything a model mayor should be. She’s calm, controlled, and won't let her wild past ruin her stable life. Then Jesse James Chisholm blows into town and threatens to upend everything Gracie has worked so hard to achieve. Jesse’s the black sheep of the Lost Gun community, and the man whose heart Gracie once broke. Her attraction for him hasn’t faded in the twelve years since she dumped him, but what’s more dangerous is the pull the sexy bull rider still has on her heart…

Texas Outlaws: Jesse is a sinfully sexy read that’ll draw you in from the very first page and not let you go. Jesse is a hot as hell cowboy who will make you swoon. He acts the bad boy, but underneath the toughened exterior is a man who still desperately wants to be accepted by the people of Lost Gun. I yearned to see Jesse find his place, both in his hometown and in Gracie’s life. Gracie is so determined to be everything she thinks she should be that she's missing out on all the opportunities life has to offer. I loved watching her break free of her self-imposed bondage and embrace the real her, a woman who’s a mix of the wild child she once was and the staid adult she had become. As a pair, she and Jesse have chemistry to spare. The two of them are a dynamic couple that bring excitement to Texas Outlaws: Jesse, even when they’re not hitting the sheets ;)

Unexpected moments of humor and what looks to be a series-long mystery about missing money from a bank robbery Jesse’s father was involved in round out the romance, making Texas Outlaws: Jesse a “full” story, so to speak. I enjoyed every plotline author Kimberly Raye wove in and I admit to being more than a bit impatient for the next Texas Outlaws book. Jesse’s brothers promise to be great heroes and there’s definitely one character I’m hoping winds up with Billy or Cole Chisholm. All in all, I recommend Texas Outlaws: Jesse. It’s sexy, fun, and wonderfully entertaining.

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