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A Trick of the Moon - Melinda Barron Recommended Read

Originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/RRs/Nov09RR/atrickofthemoon.mb.html

Curvaceous attorney Maura Atwell has traded in life at a firm for a ranch, at least temporarily. With her father recovering from a stroke, Maura’s running things at Full Moon Ranch, and while guiding a trail ride she thinks she discovers a kiva, an underground room used by Puebloans for religious rituals. Deciding it would be best to have the site checked by an expert, Maura calls her friend, archeologist Declan Littlecreek – a man she’s been in love with for years.

Declan fell for Maura way back in college and the intervening years have done nothing to dim his desire for her. So when she needs his help, he’s more than happy to head up to Full Moon Ranch. Since Maura believes the kiva has been recently used, it can’t hurt for him to bring his best friend Dario Fuentes with him to help investigate. Besides, Dario needs a break from all the undercover work his job has required lately, so the trip is a welcome vacation for him.

When Declan and Dario show up at Full Moon Ranch, it’s no surprise that sparks immediately fly between Maura and Declan. What none of the three expect is Dario’s instant attraction to the beautiful blonde lawyer, or the pull each of them feel to embark on a passionate journey of not two, but three. But will their newfound triad last beyond the exploration of the kiva? Or when Declan, Maura, and Dario head out into the real world, will they find their desire, and the feelings that stem from it, were just a trick of the moon?

Melinda Barron is on fire! A Trick of the Moon is her latest and one of her greatest books so far. It’s filled with warmth and humor, spiced with intrigue, topped with three protagonists you have got to love, and wrapped in a sinfully erotic package to create a delicious treat of a story that cannot be missed.

I’ll admit up front that pulling off a permanent m/f/m threesome that feels organic is a hard sell for me. I gave A Trick of the Moon a try because I so love Ms. Barron’s stories. Thank goodness I did, because I was in for a wonderful surprise with how well this ménage worked. I felt that Dario, Maura, and Declan’s relationship formed naturally, which is part of the beauty of the story. More than that, what won me over was that the trio felt like a true unit. There was a lot of love there between all parties, and perhaps more unique, true intimacy between the men, even though they weren’t physically intimate with one another like they were with Maura. I loved that when I finished A Trick of the Moon I had a good, strong feeling about the threesome’s relationship; that they were solid as a trio and would live happily ever after, no matter that certain members of society might look askance at what they deem an “unconventional relationship.”

The reason the love story feels so genuine lies securely in the strength of the characters Ms. Barron created. Each of the three protagonists won me over from the start. Declan is steady and calm, but has a delightfully wicked streak and a passionate nature which manifests in a variety of ways throughout the story. Dario, whom fans of Ms. Barron’s Tygers series will remember appeared in his brother’s book, Sweet Silence, is a perfect complement to Declan. He made me grin with his devilishness, made me shiver with his masterful side, and completed the package with his protective nature. What both heroes have, besides sex appeal by the truckload, is a rock-solid friendship and a fierce loyalty to one another. They didn’t take their mutual attraction to Maura and the ménages that followed for granted. The men’s closeness, and the way that they were open with one another when discussing the burgeoning relationship, both with each other and Maura, was part of what I adored about this story. And don’t think I’ve forgotten the third member of this enchanting trio. Maura is an intelligent woman who knows what she wants but is also plagued by the everyday insecurities a real woman suffers. I connected with her from the start and her generosity of spirit and openness of heart is vital to the triad’s romance.

Just when I think I know what to expect from Ms. Barron, she manages to surprise me. Her books just get better and better, as A Trick of the Moon shows. I fell deeply in love with this story and its wonderful trio and I can’t wait to read A Trick of the Moon again. Joyfully Recommended!