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My name is Kimberly and I'm the reader/reviewer behind Wit and Sin. Wit and Sin is a website that provides honest reviews and publicity. I primarily read and review Romance titles, but I also review Urban Fantasy, New Adult, Young Adult, Mystery, and Non-Fiction titles. In addition to Wit and Sin, I am a reviewer for Joyfully Reviewed (pen name: Shayna) and Romance Junkies (pen name: Lily).

Lunches In Laguna - J.P. Bowie Originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/lunches-in-laguna-by-j-p-bowie

Scott Stevenson loves working in Laguna Beach, especially when he can take his lunch break outside and enjoy watching shirtless hunks play volleyball. However, one day it’s not a beach bum that catches his eye, it’s art gallery owner Michael Taylor. It’s instant attraction on both Scott and Michael’s parts and soon the men are meeting for “lunch” almost every day. But one day Michael doesn’t show up for lunch and Scott discovers that the man has some secrets which have come back to haunt him. If Scott ever wants his relationship with Michael to progress, Scott will have to find a way to shut down the demons from his lover’s past.

It may not be sex on the beach, but sex nearby is nothing to sneeze at in the steamy Lunches in Laguna. J.P. Bowie has created two handsome, everyday heroes that readers and listeners are sure to like; I know I did. The roadblocks in Michael and Scott’s relationship aren’t small, but they’re not insurmountable either and I found myself engaged in Lunches in Laguna, eager to see Michael and Scott find their happily ever after. All in all I found Lunches in Laguna to be a sweet, sexy, satisfying tale that was a wonderful to get lost in.