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Slaves of Love - Opal Carew Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5 out of 5
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Having finally returned to his home planet, Keern didn’t expect to find a naked woman swimming in a pond on his land as a homecoming. Shena was almost too perfect to be real, and Keern found himself falling in love with her from the start.

And then she betrayed him.

Now Shena is being sold as a sex slave, and Keern has the perfect opportunity for revenge. He’ll buy her, use her and rid himself of his desire for her. But from the moment he sees her again, nothing goes according to plan. Keern finds that he can’t harm Shena, no matter what she’s done. Yet how can he trust the woman whose lies wrecked his family? Perhaps there’s more to Shena’s story than Keern knows…

Lust, betrayal, heartbreak and second chances are at the forefront of the erotic adventure, SLAVES OF LOVE. Shena and Keern are two people who are clearly made for each other, but the treachery of others threatens to ruin them both. While SLAVES OF LOVE is clearly a romance, author Opal Carew definitely had me guessing as to how things would work out for Keern and Shena.

In SLAVES OF LOVE, Ms. Carew isn’t afraid to go dark – something I appreciated given the gravity of Shena’s situation. Shena’s been victimized her entire life, but it never breaks her spirit and in showing part of what she has to deal with, Ms. Carew only increases my respect for Shena. Keern, in turn, could have easily entered villain territory. Yet, at his core he’s a good person, and I was able to trust that his character and his love for Shena would pull him away from the darkness.

Ms. Carew’s signature sensuality heats up SLAVES OF LOVE, which should make the story a delight for fans of erotic romance. Aside from one scene which seemed out of place, I enjoyed the sizzling encounters in SLAVES OF LOVE. But most of all, what drew me to SLAVES OF LOVE were Shena and Keern. I adored these two together, and their love story made SLAVES OF LOVE a genuinely satisfying read.

Note: My review was written for Romance Junkies and is cross-posted here courtesy of Romance Junkies.