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Meredith's Awakening (Corporate Affairs, #2) - Sierra Summers,  V.J. Summers My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/merediths-awakening

For Tony Renatto, it was love at first sight upon seeing Meredith Worthington. It’s been five years since their first encounter, and Tony’s finally convinced he has something to offer the beautiful executive. Meredith may be known as an “ice princess,” but Tony sees the wounded woman beneath the strong exterior and he yearns to awaken the fiery, passionate Meredith he knows exists. With domination, seduction, and tenderness, Tony will tempt Meredith to break free of her self-imposed isolation. But if Tony can’t get through to Meredith, will the two ever have a chance at the life he dreams of for them?

Meredith’s Awakening starts off with off-the-charts eroticism. Authors Sierra and VJ Summers know how to make sex scenes sizzle and the first few encounters between Tony and Meredith are wickedly hot.

I adored Meredith’s strength and intelligence. The scars she bears from the people who should have loved and supported her broke my heart and I wanted her to find not only love, but true happiness with Tony. Tony, in turn, starts off the book as the ideal hero, but my affection for him quickly fizzled, which lessened my enjoyment of Meredith’s Awakening. Tony is sexy, sure, but he goes (in my opinion) too far in the name of “protecting” Meredith. He claims to respect her as a person and as a businesswoman, but when he learns there are drugs being stored on her family’s construction site, instead of going to Meredith he waits to tell one of her brothers. The logic behind his actions is he’s “protecting” Meredith, but as she does not show a lack of common sense, it seems reasonable to assume that she would not start to poke around a potentially dangerous situation. In fact, telling her what was going on would actually be safer, as she wouldn’t have to go to the site looking for answers. Tony deliberately avoids telling her what’s going on, which made me feel like he didn’t respect her intelligence or position as one-third owner of her family’s business. He demands trust then breaks it with justifications I simply don’t understand, which makes it incredibly hard for me to see him as a good hero.

Meredith’s Awakening is the second book in Mses. Summers’ Corporate Affairs series, but can easily be read as a standalone. However, Mses. Summers definitely intrigue readers with glimpses of Meredith’s brothers, the heroes of Carrie’s Answer and Daniel’s Surrender. Though Meredith’s Awakening was not the book for me, I normally enjoy Sierra and VJ Summers’ work and I’m looking forward to reading Daniel’s Surrender.

Note: Meredith’s Awakening was previously published and has been revised for Ellora’s Cave.