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Hel Hath No Fury - K.C. Sehlhorst Recommended Read

My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/recommended-reviews/june-2010-recommended-reads/hel-hath-no-fury-by-k-c-sehlhorst

Every family has problems, but when it’s a family of gods, things can go from bad to disasters of apocalyptic proportions in minutes.

Hel, the Norse underworld goddess, has just suffered a hostile takeover of her realm by none other than her father, Loki. Hel’s been kicked out of her realm and she has to get it back. Her only ally is her counterpart from a different pantheon, a male she doesn’t trust at all – the devil himself. Lucifer is all-too-happy to help her, but is his claim that he’s doing so because of his feelings for her for real? Hel takes a leap of faith that the master of lies is actually telling the truth and their quest to regain control of her realm makes her see the man behind the name of Satan. Can love happen between members of two very different pantheons? Hel’s determined to find out…if she doesn’t die trying.

It may not be the most elegant thing to say, but I love, love, love Hel Hath No Fury. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen gods so appealing as Hel and Lucifer. They’re clever, interesting, and surprisingly endearing. Lucifer in particular, as the infamous devil, is nothing like I’d expect. I flat-out adored him. He was darkly seductive, as one might expect the devil to be, but he was also incredibly tender with Hel. There are scenes between them (that are too good to spoil) in which Lucifer just made me melt. Hel, a goddess that I am less familiar with traditional mythology concerning, was a wonderful heroine. She’s a strong goddess, in more ways than one, but there is something about her that I was able to connect with. Hel and Lucifer made a great pair and I every time I read Hel Hath No Fury I read it straight through, unable to stop because I am continually invested not only in their quest for Hel to win back her realm, but in the romance.

Hel Hath No Fury is sexy, fun, and delightfully unique. As it would almost be criminal to include spoilers, I’ll end with saying that Hel Hath No Fury’s storyline is original, the characters are fascinating, and the love scenes are h-o-t HOT. This is the first story I’ve read by K.C. Sehlhorst and I can definitely say it won’t be the last. Joyfully Recommended!