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Binding Gillian - Melinda Barron Originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed: http://joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/Jun09/bindinggillian.MB.html

In college, Brad Claymore and Gillian York were just a few steps away from getting married. But when another woman’s lies come between them, Brad and Gillian’s relationship came crashing to a halt. Now Gillian is a successful author and Brad is a famous journalist. Fate brings the former lovers together when Gillian’s agent sets her up to be interviewed by Brad. Gillian promises herself that, despite the instant renewal of passion between her and Brad, she won’t let him back into her heart. But Brad has a plan of his own. Tempting Gillian with reminders of the bondage games they used to play, Brad intends to break down Gillian’s defenses and bind her to him – forever.

Passion and pleasure serve to heal old heartbreaks in this sinful treat from Melinda Barron. Binding Gillian has all the heart, eroticism, and joy that I’ve come to expect from Ms. Barron’s work. Brad is a delicious mix of dominance and tenderness. I adored his certainty of his love for Gillian. Gillian quickly endeared herself to me with her intelligence, kindness, and determination. Though her feelings for Brad have never died, she’s understandably wary of risking her heart once more. Even being uncertain on the emotional front, the one thing Brad and Gillian are sure of is their desire for one another. The two of them together can most definitely raise the temperature in a room.

By turns sexy and sweet, Binding Gillian is a wonderfully satisfying, highly entertaining read from the talented Ms. Barron.