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Blame It On Texas (Hotter In Texas #2) - Christie Craig Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5 out of 5
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Zoe Adams lives a quiet life, and she’s quite happy that way. At least, until she sees an episode of Unsolved Mystery Hunters that triggers childhood memories which don’t fit with what she knows about her life. Zoe’s quest to learn the truth sends her digging into the lives of one of Texas’s richest families…and puts her in the crosshairs of a hit man. Zoe knows she needs help, and who better to help her than former cop turned PI Tyler Lopez? With Tyler by her side, Zoe’s cold case is about to get red hot.

BLAME IT ON TEXAS has mystery, mayhem and more! Author Christie Craig continues to entertain with this second installment to her sensual HOTTER IN TEXAS series. Zoe and Tyler are two likeable protagonists who make a great pair. Just like Nikki and Dallas, the main couple from Ms. Craig’s first HOTTER IN TEXAS book, DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS, Zoe and Tyler are two people you’d want to be friends with, were they real.

However, while I liked Zoe, Tyler, their romance and the mystery plot, it was actually a secondary plotline that stole the show for me. A romance involving two single parents, Rick and Ellen, made me sigh with pleasure. The Rick and Ellen pairing was first hinted at in DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS and Ms. Craig has delivered one heck of a story with these two. I absolutely loved Rick and Ellen, to the point where I almost wish the main plot in BLAME IT ON TEXAS was their story.

BLAME IT ON TEXAS is a fast-paced, engaging story. I’ve been a fan of Ms. Craig’s ever since I picked up WEDDINGS CAN BE MURDER on a whim. I absolutely love Ms. Craig’s endearing characters and zany humor. If I had one complaint about BLAME IT ON TEXAS, it’d be that I felt it was missing Ms. Craig’s signature sparkle. There were elements of energy and effortless humor missing from Tyler and Zoe’s story that I’m used to seeing in Ms. Craig’s work. That being said, I enjoyed BLAME IT ON TEXAS, and I cannot wait to read TEXAS HOLD ‘EM.

Note 1: Ms. Craig’s first HOTTER IN TEXAS book, DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS, is soon to be re-issued as ONLY IN TEXAS.

Note 2: My review was written for Romance Junkies and is cross-posted here courtesy of Romance Junkies.