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My name is Kimberly and I'm the reader/reviewer behind Wit and Sin. Wit and Sin is a website that provides honest reviews and publicity. I primarily read and review Romance titles, but I also review Urban Fantasy, New Adult, Young Adult, Mystery, and Non-Fiction titles. In addition to Wit and Sin, I am a reviewer for Joyfully Reviewed (pen name: Shayna) and Romance Junkies (pen name: Lily).

Whispers - Kim Dare My review is cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/whispers-by-kim-dare

Zachariah loves his submissive, Charlotte, but he knows there are things she’s holding back. The Dom vampire also knows that, if he feeds from Charlotte, there’s a chance a blood bond will form and he’ll be able to read her thoughts. When Charlotte is ready, Zachariah bites her. To his delight, a blood bond does form. But instead of solving their problems, the bond adds to them…

Charlotte was prepared for the pain of her master’s bite. In fact, she craves more pain than her master has given her so far, though she will never admit it. In Charlotte’s view, a submissive’s only private place is her mind – and she is not at all happy when she discovers that Zachariah can now read hers. She doesn’t want Zachariah to know her thoughts, to see her mistakes, and now it’s all laid bare to him. Charlotte trusts Zachariah with her body, but can she give him that same trust him when it comes to her mind?

Whispers possesses all the tenderness and eroticism of a light, sensual brush of skin. Kim Dare has delivered a beautiful story of trust and love, care and concern, submission and domination. Zachariah captured my interest from the very beginning, not just with his preternatural sex appeal, but more due to the fact that his devotion and love for Charlotte is absolute. He wants nothing more than to break through her barriers so they can have the kind of life together that both will be one hundred percent happy with. The problem is, Charlotte has certain misconceptions about what submission means that prevent her from being truly honest with Zachariah. The blood bond helps Zachariah to hear what Charlotte truly wants, but more importantly it helps him to learn that he and Charlotte need to communicate better. I loved that he didn’t take advantage of his knowledge, but used it to help their relationship grow. Charlotte, in turn, grew on me over the course of the book. Ms. Dare did a fantastic job of slowly revealing Charlotte’s different layers. Individually, Charlotte and Zachariah were interesting characters. As a pair, they were wonderfully entertaining.

Whispers is a truly lovely story that is engaging from beginning to end. The only downside to listening to Whispers as opposed to reading it was that the “whispers” of Charlotte’s thoughts that came through the bond sounded a bit melodramatic. This pulled me out of the story a bit, but ultimately didn’t detract from my enjoyment of Whispers.