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Temair's Earth (Queens of Merab, #4) - Violet Summers My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/temairs-earth-by-violet-summers

Temair, Crown Princess of Emetra, always knew she’d one day be Queen; she just never expected she’d have to ascend so quickly. Before she can take the throne, Temair needs to travel to each of Emetra’s four lands to find her Consorts, the four men whose magic will strengthen her own. Temair has already lost her heart to her first two Consorts, warrior Fyre Lord Miach and playful Rayne Lord Dathan, and she knows it won’t be long before her Third Consort, the shy Aire Lord Zevan, takes his own place in her soul.

Now Temair and her Consorts are in the Earth lands, and Temair must choose her final Consort from one of the Earth Mother’s numerous sons. Elan, thirteenth son of the Earth Mother, captures Temair’s interest immediately. But with rebellion against the matriarchal ways of Emetra brewing, Temair must first survive the threats to her person before she can decide if Elan is truly the man to make her family complete.

Get ready for a story that is as tender and sensual as the final Consort himself! Temair’s Earth is a delight for the senses, rich and warm, with flashes of energy and heat. I’ve loved watching Temair’s journey to each of her four lands as she chooses her Consorts. She’s formed a family, and it’s been enchanting seeing how the men get along with each other, whether it’s the brotherly affection between the first two Consorts and Zevan, or the growing love and desire between Miach and Dathan. It’s a real treat in Temair’s Earth to see how far each of the characters has developed, from Temair and her men to Temair’s sisters-of-the-heart, the other two queens of Merab.

Though the love stories are the center of Temair’s Earth, the problems in the world of Merab come through loud and clear. Though the Earth lands are not cruel, harsh places for men like the Aire lands, the way men are treated remains a big problem. It’s been interesting to see how Temair begins to understand why the men of Merab are rebelling and I am looking forward to seeing her and her Consorts work to fix things once she becomes Queen of Emetra.

Temair’s Earth is sexy and heartwarming, but it definitely left me hungry for more Queens of Merab books. I desperately hope Violet Summers gives Temair’s best friends their own books and I can’t wait to see how Temair and her newfound family bring change to not only Emetra, but Merab as a whole. Temair, Miach, Dathan, Zevan, and Elan are all endearing, fantastic protagonists and I am eagerly awaiting to see what life and love has in store for them!