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Temair's Aire (Queens of Merab, #3) - Violet Summers My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/temairs-aire-by-violet-summers

Temair, Crown Princess of Emetra, always knew she’d one day become queen. But with her mother’s difficult pregnancy looming in the background, Temair is forced to meet her destiny sooner rather than later. Before she can ascend the throne, however, Temair must choose her four consorts, one from each of the royal houses, men whose magic will protect and strengthen her own. She found her First Consort, the bold Fyre Lord Miach and her Second Consort, the laid-back Rayne Lord Dathan. Now Temair and her consorts are in the Aire lands, but choosing her Third Consort isn’t so easy – mostly because she can’t seem to find the man she’s to consider.

Zevan of the Aerie lives a life of pain and fear under the rule of his villainous mother. When he meets Temair and her consorts, however, Zevan sees a way to save not only himself, but his people. But is he really worthy to be Temair’s Third Consort?

Journey back into the world of Merab with the entrancing Temair’s Aire. Violet Summers delves deeper into Temair’s world as the future queen and her consorts really see the abuse of power that has been going on in her kingdom. In the past two books, Temair’s Fyre and Temair’s Rayne, readers have seen that there is rebellion stirring amongst the men of the land, but never has it been so clear as why as in Temair’s Aire. I loved finding out more about the world Violet Summers has created, and the author duo beautifully weaves in the dangers of rebellion with the beauty of romance. Temair has fallen in love with her First Consort, Miach, and she’s definitely on the way there with Dathan and Zevan. Concerning the Aire Lord, Zevan is a hero who is desperately in need of love. He’s been horribly abused and I adored watching him begin to heal under Temair’s care and desire.

What also captivated me about Temair’s Aire is the growing bond not only between Temair and her husbands, but between the men. Violet Summers continues to slowly build the sexual tension between Dathan and Miach. It’s clear Dathan desires Miach, but the Fyre Lord isn’t so comfortable with his growing feelings for Dathan. What I like about their relationship is that it’s not instant or easy. I can’t wait to see what happens in future books with the family Temair is building.

Politics and danger add another level to Temair’s Aire which is sure to intrigue readers, but I don’t want to spoil what happens by going into it. Instead, I’ll just say that between the romance and the intrigue, Violet Summers kept me on the edge of my seat in Temair’s Aire and I am most eager to read the next book, Temair’s Earth.