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One Night in London (The Truth About the Duke #1) - Caroline Linden My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/one-night-in-london-by-caroline-linden

Widowed Lady Francesca Gordon is determined to rescue her niece from the girl’s stepmother and by gaining custody of her. To do so, she needs one of London’s premier solicitors to take her case. She’s thisclose to hiring the best – and only – solicitor willing to take her case when Lord Edward de Lacey steals the man away! Francesca can’t think of what to do, so she focuses on Edward and demands that he help her cause.

Edward, son of the recently deceased Duke of Durham, has enough problems of his own without adding a bold, beautiful widow to his plate. On his deathbed, the duke said that he married someone before Edward’s mother…and never bothered to get a divorce. With Edward and his two brothers’ legitimacy thrown into question and their inheritance in jeopardy, Edward has to have London’s best solicitor on the case or his elder brother will lose the dukedom and his younger brother will blow a gasket. Adding to his problems, the scandal sheets have gotten wind of his dilemma. Francesca offers to help him with the gossip column, if he’ll help her.

The longer Edward is around Francesca, the more he desires her. But with the fate of a young child and the Durham legacy on the line, how can either Francesca or Edward afford to be distracted by falling in love?

It takes a talented author to make nineteenth century legal woes exciting and Caroline Linden is up to the task. One Night in London starts off what I hope is a trilogy about the de Lacey brothers with a bang. Edward, the middle sibling, has always been “the rock” of the family. I like that he is always there for his family, ready to solve their problems, but what’s more, I love that he isn’t so perfect as to be exceedingly happy about it. Edward is looking for something in life and he doesn’t know what it is until it hits him in the face in the form of Francesca. She’s spirited, intelligent, and delightfully imperfect. I adored these two together and Ms. Linden had me cheering for their romance from the start. Ms. Linden also had me invested in their search for Francesca’s niece, and, much to my delight, the twists and turns that journey took were somewhat surprising.

One Night in London starts with a mystery; namely, what is the truth about the duke? It also ends with a teaser for the youngest brother’s story. I’m looking forward to reading about what Ms. Linden hinted Gerard was up to. More importantly, I’m crossing my fingers that Ms. Linden plans to write a story for Charlie, the eldest brother. The dissolute possibly-the-duke-possibly-not is intriguing and Ms. Linden has me almost salivating over him. Until Ms. Linden’s next Truth About the Duke book comes out, I’ll have to content myself with reading One Night in London. This won’t be a hardship, as Francesca and Edward’s story is a wonderfully entertaining historical romance.