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Midnight Alias (Killer Insincts, #2) - Elle Kennedy Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5 out of 5
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All Olivia Taylor wants is to finish school, take care of her mother and have a normal life. It’s not too much to ask for…unless you’re in the clutches of a criminal who’s obsessed with you. Olivia needs a way to get herself and her mother out of Manhattan, and her ticket to freedom comes from an unexpected source.

When an undercover agent goes missing, the DEA calls on an elite team of operatives to recover their man. Luke Dubois is sure that the drop-dead gorgeous Olivia Taylor is the best route to finding intel, but convincing her he’s one of the good guys isn’t exactly easy. If he can get Olivia to trust him, Luke and his fellow operatives may have a shot at getting the missing agent and Olivia out of New York alive.

But desire has a way of muddling things and the attraction between Luke and Olivia is too much for either to resist. It’ll only take one slip-up for them to lose everything in this high stakes mission.

Seduction, sex and suspense — Elle Kennedy is a master at blending all three and MIDNIGHT ALIAS showcases her talent beautifully. The second KILLER INSTINCTS book is as impossible to put down as the first. Olivia and Luke are sure to wrap themselves around readers’ hearts from the very beginning. Both of them are strong, intelligent survivors who care deeply for others. Because it was so easy to fall for Luke and Olivia, I had no problem becoming invested in their romance.

While MIDNIGHT ALIAS isn’t quite as dark and gritty as the first KILLER INSTINCTS book, MIDNIGHT RESCUE, that doesn’t mean it lacks for pulse-pounding action. The intrigue in MIDNIGHT ALIAS had me avidly turning the pages, particularly at the book’s climax. I love the twists and turns that Ms. Kennedy takes readers on; not all of them are ones you’d expect.

It’d be remiss of me to write about MIDNIGHT ALIAS without mentioning the subplot between Luke’s fellow operative, Trevor Callaghan, and chameleon extraordinaire Isabel Roma. The sparks that first struck between these two in MIDNIGHT RESCUE turn into an all out fire in MIDNIGHT ALIAS. Indeed, there were times that Trevor and Isabel almost stole the story from Luke and Olivia. It’s not that Luke or Olivia were weak characters; Isabel and Trevor are just that compelling. Now, more than ever, Ms. Kennedy has me on tenterhooks for their book.

Aside from Trevor, Luke’s fellow mercenaries make me hope there are many, many more KILLER INSTINCTS books to come. I could write for pages about how much I’m intrigued by the secondary characters in MIDNIGHT ALIAS, but I’ll refrain.

MIDNIGHT ALIAS is a romantic suspense for those who like it hardcore with sexy-as-sin heroes. Elle Kennedy’s KILLER INSTINCTS series is dark, sensual and extremely compelling, and I can’t wait for more!

Note: My review was written for Romance Junkies and is cross-posted here courtesy of Romance Junkies.