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Lust After Death - Daisy Harris My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/lust-after-death-by-daisy-harris

Josie was reanimated for one purpose — to be the bride of her controlling, obsessive creator. The newly created stein is rescued by a fellow stein who is more than a hot reanimated body. Bane’s an assassin and his last mission before he gets his memory wiped is to take Josie to the safety of the Zombie Underground. But Bane’s mission isn’t easy. First, the Zombie Underground isn’t the only one targeting Josie and her creator; a rival faction with a hive mind is hot on Bane and Josie’s trail. Second, Josie was made to be a bride and can’t exist without a “husband.” It’s hard for Bane to keep his distance when Josie needs his touch, and it’s not long before the spirited stein breaks through the walls surrounding Bane’s heart.

Zombies get a wildly creative makeover from Daisy Harris! Lust After Death is a fantastically original story with imaginative world-building and sexy steins. Josie’s a newly-reanimated stein and she’s full of curiosity and wonder as she learns about the world around her. Her innocence and determination make her the perfect match for Bane. He’s a stein who bears scars from his time as an assassin (not a profession of his own choosing). Bane needs Josie to bring him back to life and the protective, badass Bane is the perfect match for the sweeter Josie.

Lust After Death is the first book in Ms. Harris’s Love-Bots series and if this story is any indication, the series is going to be amazing. There’s so much I want to learn about the world Ms. Harris has created and the taste readers are given in Lust After Death just leaves me wanting more (in a good way). Lust After Death is a red-hot, unique story with characters readers are sure to adore.