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Bite My Fire (Biting Love, #1) - Mary Hughes My review was originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed

December 2009 Recommended Read, Reviewed by Shayna

Elena O’Rourke wants two things – her permanent detective’s shield and an end to the five plus years of her Murphy’s Law-induced celibacy. The Case of the Punctured Prick…er… Meiers Corners’ first homicide seems to be her path to both. Solving the murder will put her on the fast track to getting a permanent spot as detective and the investigation itself keeps bringing her into contact with Bo Strongwell. Bo’s irresistibly sexy and strong, but he has more secrets than a room full of CIA agents and a tendency to nibble with some seriously sharp teeth. Elena knows it’s not just coincidence that keeps bringing him into her path, but the conclusions her mind is drawing are too supernatural to be real.

Master vampire Bo Strongwell works from dusk to dawn keeping rogue vampires from attacking humans and the last thing he needs is the Meiers Corners P.D. sticking their noses into vampire business. Especially when the person nosing about is the delicious, gorgeous Elena O’Rourke. Elena tempts Bo in ways he’s never before known in his preternaturally long life. But Elena seems determined to pin the murder on one of his own. Can Bo trust her enough to reveal the truth of his world? Or will two lovers, two fighters for justice, find themselves on opposite sides of the law?

In the quirky town of Meiers Corners, nothing is normal – not even murder. That’s what makes Bite My Fire such a fresh read. Mary Hughes creates the most original, fun characters, and I delight in the adventures of each and every one. Elena is an intelligent, likeable heroine with a strong sense of justice, a caring heart, and an unusually disastrous love life. And Bo...“Holy Donut!” as Elena would say. This Viking vampire has an off-the-charts sex appeal and more talent with his fangs than should be legal. Together they heat up the page like nobody’s business, mixing work and play in sinfully enticing ways. As for the rest of the Meiers Corners residents, they are all fascinating, vampire and human alike, and flesh the world of Bite My Fire wonderfully.

Chronologically, Bite My Fire is the first Biting Love story and it’s a great introduction to the world of Ms. Hughes’s vampires, not to mention the unique town of Meiers Corners. I guarantee if you like Bite My Fire even a tenth as much as I did, you’ll want to dive right into Biting Nixie, the second Biting Love story and that of Elena’s best friend, Nixie. Each book in this series is completely different, yet melds together beautifully with the others.

Bite My Fire is a truly irresistible read I didn’t want to end. Ms. Hughes made me laugh, made me blush, and swept me away for hours upon hours of enjoyment with this fabulous tale. Joyfully Recommended!