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The Reluctant Amazon - Sandy James My review cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/the-reluctant-amazon-by-sandy-james

Being left at the altar would be enough for a woman to handle in one day. Being jilted and then finding out you’re an Amazonian Earth warrior with supernatural powers? It’s enough to make kindergarten teacher Rebecca Massee think she’s losing it. Except it’s all true. Rebecca is one of four Amazons tapped to save the world from evil. She and her newfound Amazon “sisters” are to train and become a fighting force unlike any Rebecca could have ever dreamed. The only problem? Rebecca is no warrior, and unlike her fellow Amazons she’s not exactly falling into her new role with ease.

Immortal Sentinel Artair MacKay has trained numerous Amazons, but none has ever affected him like Rebecca. He’s breaking all the rules falling for his beautiful Earth Amazon, but Artair can’t seem to keep his need for Rebecca in check. He worries that Rebecca isn’t cut out to be an Amazon and he knows his feelings for her are compromising his ability to train her properly. Then a dangerous enemy threatens the Amazons and Artair has to put all his faith in the strength of his reluctant Amazon.

Magic and danger go hand-in-hand in the explosive first installment of the Alliance of the Amazons series. In The Reluctant Amazon author Sandy James’s deft hand with world-building shows, for she delivers an intriguing world that I’m eager to learn more about. Since the fun is in the journey when it comes to the paranormal elements of The Reluctant Amazon I’m, well, reluctant to say much about my favorite aspect of the book. Suffice it to say that The Reluctant Amazon is unique, engaging, and will leave you wanting to learn more about the world of the Amazons.

As for the titular Amazon, Rebecca is a heroine you have to admire. I love that Ms. James didn’t make her some kick-ass superstar who took to her role like a fish to water. I respect Rebecca more because becoming a warrior wasn’t easy for her. She works hard, fails from time to time, and eventually becomes all that she needs to be in a completely organic matter. Artair, by comparison, wasn’t quite as compelling. There’s nothing wrong with him, but there wasn’t much about his personality that stood out. Where The Reluctant Amazon faltered for me was in the romance. Rebecca and Artair fall in love very quickly and since I never really understood why, I wasn’t invested in the love story aspect of The Reluctant Amazon. Indeed, the pacing of the story slowed down a bit too much for me in some spots and it might have been the romance storyline that caused the dragging.

A host of secondary characters round out The Reluctant Amazon and Ms. James does an excellent job in giving them all depth while never losing focus on Rebecca and Artair. From Rebecca’s sisters to the changelings to the Sentinels to the goddesses, I was fascinated. I finished The Reluctant Amazon eager to read the next Alliance of the Amazons book, The Impetuous Amazon, for I cannot wait to see what Ms. James has in store for Megan, the feisty Fire Amazon.