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Salem's Seduction

Salem's Seduction - Stephani Hecht My review originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/Feb10/salemsseduction.shps.html

For demigods Adam and Carter there’s nothing scarier than the words “I’ve got a wonderful idea” coming out of Gabrielle’s mouth. It’s not that they don’t love Gabby, it’s that her “wonderful ideas” tend to end in disaster, putting Adam and Carter squarely in the path of Zeus’ anger. Still, Gabby’s determined to use her powers to help others and this time her plan is to help mortals find their soul mates. Salem Cormier and William Stanford are the perfect pair to start with, if they’ll stop arguing long enough to realize they’re perfect for one another. But the course of true love never does run smooth for anyone, mortal or otherwise, especially when one of the lovers is an overeager demigoddess with sporadic powers.

The powers of the gods fairly crackle on the page in the fantastic Salem’s Seduction. Stephani Hecht and Patti Shenberger have knocked one out of the park with the start of what looks to be an enchanting series.

Though the book is called Salem’s Seduction, Salem and William’s romance is actually a very small part of the story. What appears to be the overarching plot of the series is Gabby, Adam, and Carter’s relationship. Each of these three are intriguing characters, more so together than apart. Adam is the son of the goddess Nix. He’s dark, brooding, and possesses powers that gain strength with each day. Yet while he’s a force to be reckoned with, Adam’s past has made it so he’s scared to love anyone. While he is willing to admit his love for Gabby, he’s not as prepared to take the risk of loving Carter as well. I absolutely adored watching Adam come to terms with the obvious fact that Carter is already in his heart and soul as much as Gabby is. As for Carter, the son of Mnemosyne, his sweetness and golden perfection is belied by a nasty curse that has been placed on him by Zeus himself. The third member of the trio, Gabby, the daughter of Zeus, just sparkles. She’s energetic, caring, and always has the best intentions (even if her plans frequently end badly). What pulled me into Salem’s Seduction was the growth of this triad’s relationship, how their love for each other became fully realized, and their relationship became more solid.

Salem’s Seduction is lively and fun, but it’s clear Ms. Hecht and Ms. Shenberger have dark moments ahead planned. I’m looking forward to the next Misfits of Mt. Olympus book and will be on the edge of my seat, hoping Gabby, Carter, and Adam’s love brings them through whatever trials lie before them.