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Panty Express (Werewulf Journals, #4.5)

Panty Express - Camille Anthony Originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed: http://joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/Jun09/pantyexpress.CA.html

It’s Valentine’s Day and just over a month before the wedding of Chase and Andrea. Though Andrea hasn’t been a child for years due to her nature and breed genetics, by human law she’s still a minor and therefore still off-limits to her fiancé for another month. But Andrea’s tired of feeling like she’s being pushed to the side by Chase, and she’s definitely sick of her desires going unfulfilled.

For the past three years, Chase has been tormented by Hunter sending him Andrea’s panties. Chase’s men call them the Panty Express since Hunter faithfully sends them every month. Each package is exquisite torture, but this time something’s different.

Andrea has found out about the Panty Express. And she’s just sent Chase a challenge he can’t ignore.

Camille Anthony kicks up the heat in this tempting tease of a tale. Panty Express is a delightfully wicked novella that will make you eager for the rest of Andrea and Chase’s story. Not having read the first few Werewulf Journals stories, I hadn’t yet met Andrea and Chase. Panty Express was a great introduction to these two characters, telling me what I needed to know about them and their relationship and endearing each of them to me. Chase is an utterly delicious, sexy-as-sin hero. He’s protective and possessive, but not smothering. Andrea matches him perfectly. She’s young, but definitely grown up. Her strength ensures that she’s Chase’s equal on every level.

Even though they’re separated, Chase and Andrea can sure fire up the page. I can’t wait to read their book, Hunting Chase. In the meantime, I’ll just pick up Panty Express again. It’s sexy, fun, and has a lot of heart – what more could you ask for?