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Hunting Chase [Werewulf Journals 5]

Hunting Chase - Camille Anthony Originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed: http://joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/Jul09/huntingchase.CA.html

For the past three years, Chase and his breed mate Andrea have waited for her to be considered an adult by human standards so that they can finally wed. As punishment for his past misdeeds, Chase has been physically separated from his spirited fiancée and the distance, plus playing a balancing act between human and wulf cultures, has made Chase appear distant and uncaring towards Andrea. When their wedding day arrives, it’s clear that desire burns brightly between the two. Yet Andrea wants more than passion from her new husband – she wants his heart as well. The hunt is on, but when it comes to chasing love, who is predator, and who is prey?

There’s nothing more exciting than watching two strong-willed characters go head-to-head in the battle for each other’s hearts. Hunting Chase is a fast-paced, erotic delight. What I love most about it is that neither Chase nor Andrea is perfect. Both make mistakes in their relationship and each has much to learn about what it really means to not only love, but be mated and married to someone. I enjoyed watching their characters develop over the course of the story and liked both protagonists for their flaws as well as their virtues. Andrea and Chase are a dynamic pair and so perfectly suited to one another that I was up late into the night, unable to stop reading Hunting Chase because I wanted to see Chase and Andrea find love, not just lust, with one another.

Though book five in the Werewulf Journals series, Hunting Chase has enough information that newcomers to the series will be able to follow along. An engaging, red-hot read, Hunting Chase is one of my favorite installments in Camille Anthony’s wonderful, sexy Werewulf Journals series.