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Conjurer at the Crossroads (Ghost Seekers)

Conjurer at the Crossroads (Ghost Seekers) - Melinda Barron Originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/conjurer-at-the-crossroads-by-melinda-barron

When a new member of Pebbles Malloy’s Ghost Seekers group is targeted by an incubus, Pebbles believes she can help rid the woman of the demon. But Pebbles’s somewhat-untrained abilities as a conjurer are no match for the powerful incubus she finds herself facing. So she does the only thing she can think of to turn the demon’s attention away from his intended target: she bargains with him. At the crossroads, Pebbles makes a deal with the incubus that she’ll have sex with him and bear him a child, the one thing she knows the demon wants.

Pebbles knows she can’t give into her desire for the incubus and so she and her fellow Ghost Seekers try to find a way to break the contract. Yet as Pebbles learns more about her sensual tormenter, she begins to find herself strangely drawn to the tortured soul she sees beneath the surface. Is there still goodness left within her demon? If there is, Pebbles knows she’ll stop at nothing to free him from his torment.

I’ve never wanted an incubus before, but boy has Melinda Barron made me want one of hers! Conjurer at the Crossroads sizzles with sensuality, which is no surprise given that Pebbles’s incubus can be anything a woman desires. Conjurer at the Crossroads is different than any other story of Ms. Barron’s. The romance between Pebbles and her incubus (and no, I wouldn’t dream of giving his name away – where would the fun be in that?) isn’t the main focus of the tale. Most of Conjurer at the Crossroads is centered around uncovering the mystery that is the incubus’s past. Ms. Barron had me eagerly along for the ride and I enjoyed the myths and magic of Conjurer at the Crossroads every bit as much as I did the interactions between Pebbles and her demon.

Conjurer at the Crossroads begins right where the previous Ghost Seekers story, Come As You Are, ends. However, thanks to an author’s note at the beginning of the tale, Conjurer at the Crossroads can be read as a standalone. Still, fans of Ms. Barron’s will delight in revisiting all their favorite Ghost Seekers heroes and heroines again and I recommend reading all three prior Ghost Seekers stories (Nuit Aux Trois, The Resurrection of Josephine, and Come As You Are) just for the pure pleasure of them. Those who read Come As You Are will also be happy to learn that Pebbles’s real name is revealed, but just as with her incubus’s name, I couldn’t possibly bring myself to spoil the surprise (hint: I don’t blame her wanting to go by “Pebbles”).

Ms. Barron’s Ghost Seekers stories are something I always look forward to reading. The only problem is that whenever I finish one, I want to read the next. I finished Conjurer at the Crossroads a well-satisfied reader, but about five minutes later greed took over and I wanted more. While I (somewhat impatiently) await the next Ghost Seekers story, I’ll be sure to sit back and enjoy Conjurer at the Crossroads again.