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Doms of the Round Table: Serving the Sword

Doms of the Round Table: Serving the Sword - Melinda Barron Originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/Jun08/servingthesword.MB.html

While on vacation in England, Gwen Montgomery takes a tour of what supposedly was once the legendary Camelot. When Gwen sees the castle’s requisite sword in the stone, a mystical voice urges her towards the sword. After one touch, Gwen begins having visions of a sexual, dominant male urging her to come to him. Compelled by the fantasy man, Gwen pulls the sword from the stone and finds herself traveling to another world…and Bregonia isn’t quite Camelot.

For more than a month, King Élan of Bregonia has been haunted by visions of a mysterious redhead. When a spell brings Gwen to his court, Élan is determined to master the woman of his dreams. As the two challenge each other, they both find that reality outdoes their greatest fantasies. Yet when the enchantment ends, will Élan be able to convince Gwen to stay? And will their growing love be able to survive the obstacles that lie in their path?

Who wouldn’t want to be swept away to a magical kingdom with a handsome, hot-as-hell king that desired you? I can safely say that is an offer I wouldn’t want to turn town, and as such, I adored Melinda Barron’s Serving the Sword and hope more Doms of the Round Table books are coming soon. Gwen is a likeable, modern woman and Élan is one sexy hero. Serving the Sword is a BDSM tale, and Élan and Gwen’s relationship is termed master/slave. What I loved most about Élan is that Gwen is always, always treasured by him, he never attempts to change her personality, and he highly respects her intelligence. Sexy and entertaining, Serving the Sword ensures I’ll never look at a sword in a stone quite the same way again.