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Transparent Illusions (Fingertip Fantasies, #1)

Transparent Illusions (Fingertip Fantasies, #1) - Melinda Barron Originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/Feb10/transparentillusions.mb.html

Saffron Tyler is about to take her journalistic career to the next level; or so she hopes. The freelance writer is about to go undercover for a story on Fingertip Fantasies, a secretive, high-end service that fulfills people’s fantasies. For Saffron, this is the perfect opportunity to not only be published in a national magazine, but to explore the world of BDSM as a submissive, something she has yearned to do but never tried.

At Fingertip Fantasies’ private BDSM resort, nothing is what Saffron expects; especially not her enigmatic Master. He both frustrates and satisfies her in ways she never could have imagined and Saffron longs to learn more about the secretive man who is fast-capturing her soul. Saffron has two weeks to write a thrilling exposé on her time as a submissive. But will two weeks with her Master ever be enough?

What would it be like to have your deepest fantasy fulfilled? Melinda Barron explores this idea and takes it one step further in her intriguing new Fingertip Fantasies series. In Transparent Illusions, Saffron learns that sometimes fantasies come true aren’t what you wanted – they’re so much more. Transparent Illusions is very much Saffron’s story, and a more likeable heroine to follow along as she delves into the world of BDSM you could not find. Saffron’s intellectually and sexually curious, which brings spark and life to her journey. And the man who is her guide…well, it’d be remiss of me to reveal too much about him. Saffron’s Master is every bit the enigma he calls his sub, and I wouldn’t spoil the mystery for the world. I will say that he is strong, sexy, and every bit up to the task of mastering the willful Saffron.

I enjoyed Transparent Illusions. It was full of lively, interesting characters, one in particular whom I hope Ms. Barron writes a story for. If I could have asked for one thing in this story, it would be to see a bit more of the romance between Saffron and her Master. The romance is there, but the primary focus of the story is Saffron’s journey. I would have loved to see more of her and Master, but then, when do I ever want one of Ms. Barron’s stories to end? This talented author constantly surprises me with her vast and varied series, and the Fingertip Fantasies premise promises to provide a world of delight. I finished Transparent Illusions truly excited to follow along on the next sensual fantasy Ms. Barron delivers!