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The Craft of the Wise

The Craft of the Wise - Dee Carney Originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/the-craft-of-the-wise-by-dee-carney

“The Craft of the Wise: Book of Shadows”

Novice witch Ava Valentine thinks her role as coven’s princess isn’t worth much…until a demon attacks her seemingly out of nowhere. Ava’s rescued by Aaron Remington, a werewolf she never knew was pledged to protect her. Aaron takes his job as Ava’s bodyguard literally – and in more ways than one. But as Ava and Aaron find themselves falling in love, evil lurks just around the bend, ready to destroy Ava before she learns just how powerful she really is.

Dee Carney hits the ground running in her Craft of the Wise series with “Book of Shadows.” It’s one roller coaster thrill ride of a story, with a dash of sex and sweeping romance between Ava and Aaron thrown in. I enjoyed “Book of Shadows,” but though I normally appreciate a fast-paced story, this one was a bit too fast. Even though I understand that some things were obviously left out for Ava to discover on her journey, there was just something about the way “Book of Shadows” was crafted that didn’t quite gel for me until about halfway through the tale. This diminished my enjoyment of the story somewhat, which was a pity because I liked both Ava and Aaron. Still, once I finished “Book of Shadows” I was more than ready to dive right into the next Craft of the Wise tale, which definitely says something about the compelling world Ms. Carney created.

“The Craft of the Wise 2: Divination”

After the battle between witches and demons took an unexpected turn, Jenna Whiteman knows her coven must act quickly to regain the upper hand. Luckily, Jenna is the coven’s strongest diviner and she has seen the path the witches and their allies, the werewolves, must take. Unfortunately, that path leads her directly to werewolf lieutenant Vince Albright. Vince drives her crazy, but he also fills her with passion unlike any she’s ever before experienced. But if Jenna gives into her desire for Vince, she isn’t sure if their actions will lead to the safety of her coven…or it’s doom.

The Craft of the Wise series gets even hotter with “Divination.” Ms. Carney raises the stakes in this exciting second installment to the Craft of the Wise series and pairs up another witch/werewolf duo that is sure to delight readers. There is just something about the way Vince adores Jenna that made me sigh. I loved them as a pair and, as such, was deeply invested in “Divination.”

Ms. Carney continues to build on the tension, danger, and excitement in the demon-witch battle that began in “Book of Shadows,” but unfortunately to say anything more would provide spoilers. I can say by the time I finished “Divination,” I was on the edge of my seat, wondering what would happen next.

“The Craft of the Wise 3: Rule of Three”

Liana is one of the strongest witches in her coven and she’s determined to do her part in winning the battle against evil by fetching the stolen Book of Shadows. The one problem? The Book of Shadows is in the demon realm. Her mission is a dangerous one, but luckily for Liana she has not one, but two werewolves guarding her – twins Jarod and Ronan. But staying focused on her quest is difficult for Liana when she’s distracted by her desire for the twins. How can she pick one when she’s falling for both? Maybe she doesn’t have to…

“Rule of Three” practically explodes at the seams with sensuality! I loved watching curvaceous Liana capture the hearts of two hunky werewolves, both of whom endeared themselves to me in their love and care of Liana. What charmed me most about Liana is that she’s completely up front about her faults. She’s frightened of the dangers she faces, but she doesn’t let that stop her. This, more than anything else, proves how strong a heroine she actually is and for that reason I one hundred percent adored her.

In “Rule of Three,” Ms. Carney continues to build on the world of The Craft of the Wise and the ongoing battle of good versus evil. I dare readers not to want to jump into reading the final story in the series after finishing this enthralling installment.

“The Craft of the Wise 4: Healing Hearts”

With Beltane approaching, it’s time for the war between good and evil to end – one way or another. To give themselves the edge in battle, the witches and werewolves have asked the help of Devin Remington, whose curse of having been demon-touched might prove helpful. The problem is Devin’s curse renders him unpredictable and dangerous. The only one who seems to calm him is witch Selena Owen. Can the healer be the one to end Devin’s curse? And if so, what does that mean for the side of good when evil throws out everything they’ve got?

“Healing Hearts” is probably my favorite story in the whole Craft of the Wise series. Devin is a too-sexy-for-words tortured hero who melted my heart with his utter focus on Selena. And Selena…wow, what a heroine. She tends to undervalue herself, which, of course, makes it all the more special when she moves heaven and earth to protect Devin. They fired up the page like nobody’s business, making me blush and sigh and fall head over heels in love with their romance.

“Healing Hearts” is the final installment to the Craft of the Wise series, and though Ms. Carney doesn’t wrap things up with a bow (to my surprise regarding some of the issues), it is a satisfying finish to this delightful series.

The Craft of the Wise is an intriguing series and it’s almost necessary to read it in order. All four books have a distinctive feel, but each blends seamlessly with the next, providing one cohesive overarching plot. The romance between each pair (or in “Rule of Three’s” case, trio) is sure to charm while the action in the books never stops. Each story in The Craft of the Wise is fast-paced and high energy, which was a delight. All in all, I greatly enjoyed The Craft of the Wise, and look forward to revisiting all nine protagonists in the near future.

Note: The Craft of the Wise is available as one anthology in print, but at this time, each of the novellas are sold separately as e-books.