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Her Pirate Lover (Pirate's Booty)

Her Pirate Lover - Temple Hogan Originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/her-pirate-lover-by-temple-hogan

The fearsome pirate known as Black Hawke is out for revenge. His target? Lord Burgess Lindleigh, the man who ruined his family. His plan? Capture and seduce the man’s bride-to-be, Abella Roche. Hawke’s quest for vengeance goes better than he could have planned, except for one hiccup: the beautiful Abella captivates him. How can he possibly keep the woman who fires his blood and warms his heart, knowing he has nothing to offer her and that her father and fiancé will chase them to the ends of the earth?

Sex on the high seas is the name of the game in Her Pirate Lover. Having been highly entertained by Temple Hogan’s first Pirate’s Booty tale, The Virgin Pirate, I was eager to read Her Pirate Lover. Sadly, Her Pirate Lover wasn’t such a treasure. Hawke wasn’t memorable and Abella was incredibly childish, which I wouldn’t have minded if she had matured over the course of the book (which she didn’t). Add in Abella’s irritating maid – who I desperately wished I could toss overboard – and Her Pirate Lover turned into a sinking ship. Yet while Her Pirate Lover was not the story for me, I did enjoy The Virgin Pirate enough that I am still hopeful that the next Pirate’s Booty tale will be a more satisfying read.