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Through Traitor's Gate

Through Traitor's Gate - Melinda Barron My review cross-posted here courtesy of Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/through-traitors-gate-by-melinda-barron

Sydney Davis was head-over-heels in love with Geoffrey Brompton…until she caught her fiancé in bed with another woman. It took years for Sydney to be willing to speak to Geoffrey again, and just when she thinks he’s changed, the man up and disappears! Sydney is sure Geoffrey is off with some woman, but the police are beginning to think that his sister, Suzanne, murdered him. Sydney comes to Suzanne’s aid, but her best friend needs more than a shoulder to lean on. Suzanne is sure that Geoffrey has traveled back in time to the sixteenth century and she needs Sydney to rescue him before Geoffrey dies and Suzanne finds herself in handcuffs. Sydney doesn’t want to believe Suzanne’s wild tale, but when strange things start occurring in Geoffrey’s home, Sydney starts to believe. The clock’s ticking for them all and Sydney will have to rescue Geoffrey from the past before they can have a future together.

Sometimes, in order to go forward you have to go back. Of course, in Through Traitor’s Gate author Melinda Barron sends Geoffrey all the way back to the reign of Henry VIII. Geoffrey has somewhat of a hard time of it, battling political intrigue and a traitor in the midst of his ancestors. But for Geoffrey, what’s possibly even more daunting than the prospect of losing his head is losing his second chance with Sydney. It’s clear that he’s always loved her, so why did he cheat on her once before? I won’t give away spoilers, but suffice it to say Ms. Barron never had me doubting that Geoffrey would be a great match for Sydney. Speaking of Sydney, she’s a firecracker of a heroine. I adored her and understood her mixed feelings toward Geoffrey even as I cheered for them to get together. And getting together isn’t exactly easy with Geoffrey being stuck in the sixteenth century. It’s going to take love, faith, and a heck of a lot of magic to get these two exactly where they’re supposed to be. The element of danger for the Brompton siblings Ms. Barron added to Sydney and Geoffrey’s romance rounded out the story. I simply could not put Through Traitor’s Gate down once I started reading it. Ms. Barron always delivers an entertaining story and Through Traitor’s Gate is no exception. I look forward to revisiting Geoffrey and Sydney in the near future.