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Beauty Sleep (Perfectly Wicked)

Beauty Sleep - Anna J. Evans My review is cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/Oct08/beautysleep.AE.html

Once upon a time, a beautiful princess was cursed to spend one hundred years asleep in an enchanted castle. But what of the fairy who cursed her? Calliope La Fae has long regretted her childhood gift that went awry, but finds herself with bigger problems when the king's younger brother becomes trapped in the enchantment as well. Calliope's only hope for freedom lies with the king himself.

King Aaron of Outer Kartolia is utterly bewitched by the luckless Calliope. As the two venture out to save Aaron's brother, their desire for one another is insatiable. Is it true love, or has Calliope's fractured magic found two more victims? And when all enchantments end, will there be a happily ever after for the king and the Fae?

Beauty Sleep is the latest installment in Anna J. Evans's steamy fairytale series. I found Beauty Sleep to be a charming, sultry tale with likeable characters and a quick-moving plot. Calliope, with all her faults, is an endearing heroine and Aaron is the fairytale king grown women dream about. While Beauty Sleep is listed as part of a series, having never read the other Perfectly Wicked stories, I can safely say this book stands on its own. My only reservation about the story would be Ms. Evans's blending of the modern with the medieval I associate with fairytales. For me, the blend of old and new was a bit awkward and made for a few stilted scenes. Thankfully such scenes were few and far between. Overall, I greatly enjoyed Beauty Sleep and am definitely planning to read the rest of the series. Perfectly wicked indeed!