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Claiming It All

Claiming It All - Anna J. Evans My review is cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/Feb10/claimingitall.ae.html

As a teenager, all Tiffany had wanted was to get out of Tavern, Texas. Well, get out of Tavern and have a true ménage à trois with her boyfriends, Aaron and Travis. Ten years later, Tiffany has had half her wish come true. She moved to the big city and is employed as an escort for Fantasies Unlimited. But her wish to be with Aaron and Travis at the same time was never fulfilled. Now Tiffany’s heading back to Texas and hoping to get her exes into a hotel room for the ménage of her dreams.

What Tiffany doesn’t know is that after she left town, Aaron and Travis became lovers. Though the two men have hidden their relationship from everyone for the past ten years, their love for one another is absolute. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room in their bed for the woman they both loved so long ago. But when it’s clear that more than lust is involved for all three of them, each person is going to have a decision to make. Can they risk it all to claim their one chance at happiness?

Lust is easy; it’s love that makes things hard. Anna J. Evans does a remarkable job at not only turning up the heat, but mixing in the tensions and complications that arise from embarking on an “unusual” relationship. For three people from a small, traditional town, it takes strength of character to come out and declare their love for not one, but two people. It’s even harder for Travis and Aaron since one of the people they love is a man. What I loved about Claiming it All was that Ms. Evans didn’t make light of the emotional complexity of Aaron and Travis’s relationship. Though they love each other, the strain of keeping their relationship a secret for the past ten years has worn on them. It takes Tiffany, her love for them, theirs for her, and her ability to bring to issues to the forefront that neither man can confess to make their relationship whole. This triad melted my heart even as they set fire to the page, which is why Claiming it All was such an enthralling read for me.

I adore Ms. Evans’s work, but Claiming it All might just be my favorite story she’s written yet. Travis, Aaron, and Tiffany were all such different characters, but they flowed into their relationship perfectly. Each of them grabbed my heart and made me cheer their happily ever after. I loved Claiming it All. It’s a genuinely captivating read.