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Wicked Witch of the West Village

Wicked Witch of the West Village - Anna J. Evans My review is cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/Sep08/wickedwirchofthewestvillage.AE.html

Though she may not have green skin, there is no doubt that Gail Teril is a Class A…witch. While she may be a romance novel editor rather than a shoe-mad villain, Gail’s harsh attitude has killed her love life yet again. Gail might not have thought she needed to change, but after an unexpected nut allergy puts Gail into a coma, she finds out she may need to rethink her witchy ways. For the world Gail wakes up in isn’t our own, it’s an alternate dimension known as “Here.” And in Here, Gail must learn to deal with giant barbarians, zombies, a terrible villain, and Rake, a sexy, green-haired healer who might be the answer to the question of whether happily ever afters can exist – even for the wicked.

It’s not often you come across the book where you know from the start that the heroine is not supposed to be likeable, so I was intrigued by the premise of Wicked Witch of the West Village. What I discovered very quickly was that Gail lost the anti-heroine spark the minute she was transported from Earth to the unfamiliar world of Here. As the book is written in the first person, I was left feeling as confused as the heroine. While her confusion was understandable, and I was eager to become familiar with the world as she did, it was difficult to do so with the addition of the heroine’s frequent mental tangents. The cast of characters in Here was interesting and diverse, yet I did not feel I got to connect with any character other than Gail. I do wish I could have at least gotten to know Rake better, as he was the hero of the tale. Though sometimes erratic, Wicked Witch of the West Village had an interesting premise and perhaps it was just not the book for me.