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Punishing the Art Thief

Punishing the Art Thief - Shoshanna Evers My review is cross-posted from Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/punishing-the-art-thief-by-shoshanna-evers

Art History professor Melissa Dwyer is an old hand at crashing parties where new art will be unveiled. But her luck at never getting caught runs out when she crosses path with security guard James Tannen, who took one of her classes a few years before. James lets her crash the party, but when Melissa spots a priceless – stolen – Rembrandt and decides to make off with it, James loses his job.

Now James is on the hunt, but not for revenge. He promises Melissa that if she spends the weekend with him doing what he wants, he won’t tell a soul about her stolen painting. It’s blackmail and he knows it, but after years of wanting her, James isn’t about to let Melissa get away. Armed with some sexy toys and a few erotic books from Melissa’s library, James will use the weekend to convince his luscious art thief that his brand of “punishment” is exactly her style.

I love a good thief tale, which is why I eagerly snatched up Punishing the Art Thief. A stolen Rembrandt and a hunky security with a kinky side – sounds promising, no? Shoshanna Evers definitely wields kink well, though labeling Punishing the Art Thief as BDSM, to me, seems a misnomer. Still, the story is sexy, though sadly I never grew attached to either James or Melissa. They weren’t unlikeable people, but Ms. Evers never gave me anything to actually like about them either. Because of this middle-ground, the romance in Punishing the Art Thief fell a bit flat for me. I saw the protagonists’ sexual connection, but for me, it was a case of tell rather than show when it came to the emotional. Overall, I found Punishing the Art Thief to be a fast and erotic story with a satisfying ending.