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Creative License - Lynne Roberts My review, posted on Joyfully Reviewed

Lily MacPherson’s life is perfectly in order. She’s dating the perfect man her parents will be delighted for her to marry, she has the perfect job at his father’s law firm, and eventually she’ll have the perfect house and perfect 2.5 children. The only not-so-perfect thing Lily has ever done was have a wild weekend in Vegas that ended with a ring on her finger. Thankfully, no one ever found out that the blue-blooded Bostonian Lily married a penniless San Franciscan artist. The marriage was annulled almost as soon as it had taken place. There’s just one problem…

Caleb Anderson has never forgotten Lily, the woman he fell hard and fast for but who was horrified to find out she’d married him. Still, Caleb’s moved on with his life and his career is finally about to take off. Unfortunately, his nosey patroness has gone digging into his past and discovered something even Caleb didn’t know about himself: he’s still married to Lily. When his patroness declares she wants to meet his wife, Caleb calls Lily to break the news of their marriage and ask her for a favor. He wants her to come out and pretend to be his wife just for a few days. To his surprise, Lily agrees.

Lily and Caleb are only pretending to still be in love, but both discover that the bond between them still exists. Desire draws them to one another, but can it hold their differences at bay long enough for Lily and Caleb to see that they’re made for one another?

Opposites that aren’t so opposite attract in Creative License. Lynne Roberts scintillates in this red-hot reunion romance. It’s easy to get caught up in Lily and Caleb’s love story, for the two of them are incredibly likeable. They had a rather unconventional beginning to their relationship and the uniqueness of their present situation sets them off their balance, causing them to make mistakes with one another. Ms. Roberts had me rooting for them to find happiness together and this kept me eagerly reading Creative License.

It’d be a crime to write about Creative License without mentioning its sizzling love scenes. Watch out for artists with edible chocolate paint! All in all I greatly enjoyed Creative License and look forward to reading more of Ms. Roberts’s work.