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Biting Nixie - Mary Hughes My review was originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed

January 2009 Recommended Read, Reviewed by Shayna

Nixie Schmeling is a pint-sized punk rocker full of attitude. Julian Emerson is a hot-shot suit-wearing lawyer from Boston. The two are as different as night and day, so when the mayor sticks Nixie with the job of running her small town’s fundraising festival to pay for Julian’s legal fees, Nixie’s less than thrilled, to say the least. But something strange is happening in the little town of Meiers Corners. Paranormal strange. Blood disappears into thin air, mysterious gangs start appearing, and strong attraction starts brewing between a serious, three-piece-suit wearing lawyer and a free-spirited, sarcastic musician.

Julian has come to Meiers Corners to defend it from being taken over by a group of shady vampires. He can’t afford any distractions, particularly not from a certain smart-mouthed rocker he can’t get out of his head. Though he can’t figure out why he desires her, protecting Nixie is of paramount importance to Julian. And when Nixie discovers Julian’s a vampire, things really get interesting.

Brace yourselves because Biting Nixie is a rockin’ thrill ride of action, lust, and romance. It’s fun, it’s quirky, and it has both a sexy vampire and a guitar named Oscar. What more could you ask for? The characters are all original and the town is delightfully off-beat, which gives the story a fresh feel. Nixie is strong-willed and packed with attitude, but there’s a sweetness about her that softens the edges and makes her incredibly likeable. Julian is preternaturally sexy; a devastatingly gorgeous, intelligent, protective vampire who makes use of his fangs in ways too deliciously wicked to say. On the surface Nixie and Julian would seem like an odd pair, but they matched one another so well I was rooting for their romance. Without saying too much, the only thing I would wish for is some sort of resolution to the problem of how one becomes a vampire.

Biting Nixie is a fast-paced piece of fun that was engaging from start to finish. The love scenes are explosively hot, the romance incredibly sweet, and the action entertaining. I adored this book and hope Mary Hughes has stories planned for some of the vampires we meet in the book (I will shamelessly admit I hope to learn more about the intriguing Logan). A love story with bite, Biting Nixie is a joy to read.