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A Little Bit Sinful - Adrienne Basso My review originally posted at Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/a-little-bit-sinful-by-adrienne-basso

After many, many years, Sebastian Dodd, Viscount Benton, finally has the chance to get his revenge on the Earl of Hetfield, the man he holds responsible for his mother’s death. His plan is simple: Sebastian will ruin the earl’s lovely daughter, Bianca, and then meet the earl in a duel. The only problem is, Sebastian can’t bring himself to touch someone as young and innocent as Bianca. However, her older sister, Eleanor, is another matter entirely. Eleanor may not be as beautiful as Bianca, but her sharp mind and sensual curves are a draw that Sebastian cannot resist. Will Sebastian crush his chance at happiness with Eleanor in his quest for vengeance?

Despite the dark themes of revenge and ruination, A Little Bit Sinful is a fun, fast-paced historical romance that makes a familiar storyline feel fresh and new. Given his less-than-honorable intentions, Sebastian is a surprisingly likeable hero. Sebastian’s a natural heartbreaker that’s also blinded by his need to avenge his mother’s death, yet he’s not a cruel person. Adrienne Basso doesn’t try to downplay his faults, which is a plus in my book, but she shows Sebastian’s good qualities to their best advantage. Eleanor, in turn, is a heroine who will tug at your heartstrings. She’s treated horribly by her father, often ignored by everyone but Bianca, and becomes the key element of Sebastian’s plot. She’s not, however, a victim and her pragmatic take on life serves her well. I liked Sebastian and Eleanor together and that made it easy to get lost in A Little Bit Sinful.

A Little Bit Sinful can be read as a standalone, but fans of Ms. Basso’s will delight in the fact that Dorothea and Carter of How to Seduce a Sinner play supporting roles in Sebastian and Eleanor’s story. Overall, I found A Little Bit Sinful to be a charming romance that will whisk you away for a few hours.