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Doms of Dark Haven - Cherise Sinclair, Sierra Cartwright, Belinda McBride My review originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/doms-of-dark-haven-antho

“Met Her Match” by Sierra Cartwright

Mira Araceli has a crush on her partner, Torin Carter. But when she gathers her courage and crawls into Torin’s room with his leather belt between her teeth and he rejects her, Mira goes to the BDSM club, Dark Haven, seeking another Dom. Yet Torin isn’t about to let her get away with turning to another man. He storms into Dark Haven, ready to claim Mira as his sub. Mira’s knows she’s met her match in Torin, but she’s about to learn all that having him as both her partner and Dom entails.

“Met Her Match” takes readers into the world of Sierra Cartwright’s Hawkeye series. Having not read the other Hawkeye books, I can safely say “Met Her Match” stands on its own. Mira and Torin are both strong, proud characters who have no qualms going head-to-head. Mira’s not only a sub, but a masochist, which was a bit of an eye-opener for me, but that made “Met Her Match” just a bit different, which I enjoyed. The issue I had with “Met Her Match” is that I didn’t find either Mira or Torin particularly likeable, so it was difficult to become invested in their romance. “Met Her Match” fell a bit flat for me, but I liked Ms. Cartwright’s writing enough that I would give another of her books a try.

“Educating Evangeline” by Belinda McBride

Evangeline Jones was only looking for a safe place to hide when she made her way into Dark Haven. The beautiful werewolf has long been on the run from those who would hunt and capture her. Her quest for sanctuary sends Eva right into the arms of alpha wolf and Dom Harte Sommers, who almost immediately recognizes Eva as his mate. Can Harte make Eva understand that she no longer has to face danger alone?

“Educating Evangeline” is a fast-paced, exciting paranormal romance that delivers sensuality and thrills. It seemed a bit out of place in the anthology, sandwiched between two contemporary novellas set in the same locale, but still, I thoroughly enjoyed Belinda McBride’s erotic offering. I loved watching Harte teach Eva to open up her senses – his methods of instruction were wickedly entertaining to say the least. Eva and Harte fit one another like a lock and key and I admit to being swept away by their love story.

“Educating Evangeline” gives readers just a taste of Ms. McBride’s Napa and Trukee wolves, and I admit my appetite what whetted for more. Ms. McBride packs “Educating Evangeline” with interesting characters without ever taking the focus off of Eva and Harte. I will definitely be looking for more of Ms. McBride’s stories in the near future.

“Simon Says: Mine” by Cherise Sinclair

Hyper-organized nurse and recent divorcée Rona McGregor is ready to enter the world of BDSM, a lifestyle she’s only fantasized about so far. At Dark Haven, Rona meets the darkly seductive Master Simon, a Dom any woman would dream over. But Master Simon is the most popular Dom in Dark Haven. With beautiful, young subs clamoring for his attention, what could he possibly see in Rona?

Simon is weary of the perky young subs closer to his son’s age than his own that are vying for his time. Rona is exactly the kind of submissive he seeks; one who captivates him mind, body, and soul. Only Rona doesn’t want to get tied down in a relationship ever again. Can Simon convince her that when it’s him, a masterful Dom, doing the tying, life could become richer than either of them ever dreamed?

“Simon Says: Mine” is a tale of erotic learning, exploration, and unexpected love. Like all of Cherise Sinclair’s stories, “Simon Says: Mine” is both tender and sharply erotic. Simon and Rona are two mature protagonists anyone can connect with. Possibly because they’re both more mature, confident adults with grown children, settled lives, etc. “Simon Says: Mine” has a different feel than your average romance and I loved that about the story.

“Simon Says: Mine” is, for me, the strongest story in the anthology and that fact is owed to Ms. Sinclair’s masterful talent. Every character in the story is fully developed and memorable. Fans of Ms. Sinclair will be delighted that Logan and Rebecca of Master of the Mountain appear in this story, as does Logan’s twin, Jake. The only downside of this is that I finished “Simon Says: Mine” more eager than ever for Jake’s story. With just a few lines, Ms. Sinclair conveyed the heartbreak of Jake’s past and I am on pins and needles waiting for him to find a heroine who is everything he deserves.

Doms of Dark Haven is an edgy, erotic anthology that is satisfying to read. I admit, I picked up the anthology for Cherise Sinclair’s story, but I enjoyed the opportunity to discover two new-to-me authors as well. Each story in Doms of Dark Haven has a different feel, but the three authors make them all blend together, for which I commend all of them. I relished my stay in Dark Haven and hope to return to this exciting club soon!