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Spun By Sorcery - Barbara Bretton Spun by Sorcery is a solid read, but for me it's the least entertaining book in the Sugar Maple series so far. Chloe and Luke are still delightful, but the plot dragged a bit, even with the addition of Sugar Maple (and Chloe's) history. Also, without the majority of the Sugar Maple citizens about, the story lost a lot of the quirky charm that made it unique, turning Spun by Sorcery into a run-of-the-mill light paranormal.

It wasn't a *bad* book, but Spun by Sorcery is no Casting Spells or Laced with Magic (the first two books in the series). Still, I'm definitely hoping there's a return to form for this series in the next book, Spells & Stitches.