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Scott's Satin Sheets - Lacey Alexander Originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/Jan10/scott%27ssatinsheets.LA.html

Payton Albright has everything a woman could want – except a life of her own. At twenty-six, she still lives with her parents on their yacht, sailing from port to port, shopping, and mingling with other rich people. But Payton’s suffocating in her gilded cage, desperate to let her inner naughty girl out. When she spots a handsome man on the deck of a catamaran, she decides to let her wild side come out to play.

Scott Fletcher is stunned by the drop-dead gorgeous woman who flashes him. He’s eager to learn who she is, but his pleasure at finding out is dimmed by the fact that she’s his new boss’ daughter. Scott needs to keep his all of his jobs so that he can one day own a boat and business of his own. And rolling around in the sheets with little miss rich girl is the perfect way to make sure his dream doesn’t happen. Still, Payton has some pretty nice satin sheets, and the woman herself is an intriguing mix of sweetness and sin, so perhaps some things are worth a bit of a risk…

Sun, sand, and sex – what could be a better backdrop for a deliciously wicked tale? Scott’s Satin Sheets is a perfect blend of pulse-pounding love scenes and sweet romance, with two protagonists who are sure to charm. I loved watching Payton grow from the bored rich girl who craves sex to a woman who realizes what she really wants out of life and will stand up to get it. She’s likeable and straightforward which makes her a heroine that’s easy to connect with, for all her wealthy background. Though he’s miles away from Payton in terms of money and social standing, Scott is rich in sensuality. He’s also kind, considerate, and charismatic. It’s easy to see why Payton finds him impossible to resist. Together and separately, Payton and Scott are engaging characters and I had such a good time watching them fall for each other.

Though it’s the fourth book in the City Heat series, Scott’s Satin Sheets stands on its own. Fans of Lacey Alexander’s work will remember first meeting Scott in his best friend Chris’s book, Key West (the third book in the Hot in the City trilogy). While Chris and Carrie appear in Scott’s Satin Sheets, having not yet read Key West, I can say that, though I didn’t miss anything by not having read the book, I will definitely be buying it.

Ms. Alexander’s books are always searingly erotic, and Scott’s Satin Sheets is no exception. From first page to last, Ms. Alexander delights with her red-hot prose and utterly endearing characters. Fantastic!