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Hungry Pleasures - Camille Anthony Originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/Mar09/hungrypleasures.CA.html

Pavel Janecek has heard some strange ideas from his friend, Prince Rickard, before, but his newest idea might be the strangest of all. A weight loss camp for adult women where sexual fantasies are used as rewards for losses? Spankings and nipple clamps as punishments for rule breaking? The idea may seem out there, but Pavel has enough faith in Rickard’s business plan to try to make it work.

Kaila Morgan has never had much success in trying to lose weight. When she overhears Rickard and Pavel talking about their new weight loss program, she’s intrigued, even more so when a broken shoe lands her in Pavel’s lap and she gets an eyeful of the green-eyed hunk.

Pavel may not think Kaila needs to lose a pound, but he doesn’t complain when her enrollment in the program puts her in his path and in his bed. Pavel knows Kaila is his mate. Now he just has to figure out how to explain to his true love that he’s a “wulf.” If that isn’t enough, Rickard insists on an ancient tradition where he can indulge in a night with the two lovers before Pavel can fully bond with Kaila. It’s enough to make even the most stout-hearted wulf wince, but Pavel isn’t one to give up easily. The question is will Kaila accept all he offers?

For any woman who has ever had trouble shedding a few extra pounds, the diet program in Hungry Pleasures is definitely an interesting concept, to say the least. While Camille Anthony does treat readers into a bit of the novel program, Hungry Pleasures focuses on Kaila and Pavel’s romance, which is definitely hot. Kaila is hardworking, straightforward, and self-conscious. It was lovely to watch and Pavel’s attentions helped her bloom. Pavel, for his part, was one delicious wulf and his love and desire for Kaila, exactly as she is, made him perfect hero material.

Hungry Pleasures is the third in Ms. Anthony’s Werewulf Journals series, but though I haven’t read the previous books, I had no problems understanding the world or the characters. The book does stop fairly abruptly at the end, but judging by the excerpt for the next book, Sated Pleasures, that story picks up right where Hungry Pleasures leaves off. I enjoyed Ms. Anthony’s tale and very much look forward to reading her next Werewulf Journals tale.