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SoloPlay - Miranda Baker 3.5 stars

My review is posted on Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/soloplay-by-miranda-baker

Alisa Mane knows there’s more to sex than the unfulfilling experiences she’s always had. When her latest boyfriend accuses her of being frigid, Alisa decides that some self discovery is needed. Her trip to the adult store, Come Again, unearths a world of pleasure for Alisa. It also leads to her being hired to anonymously test sex toys for SoloPlay Enterprises.

Mark Winters, SoloPlay’s owner, needs to find a tester for DoublePlay, his new line of sex toys for couples. He can’t seem to get the reviews for one of the SoloPlay’s testers out of his head. Bending company policy more than a little bit, Mark tracks down the tester in question – Alisa. The only problem is, Alisa doesn’t want to test the DoublePlay line. But the attraction between Mark and Alisa instantly ignites and Alisa changes her tune. She’ll test the DoublePlay line…if Mark is the one who tests them with her.

An erotic month of experimentation may be good fun, but what happens when the testing is done. Will Mark and Alisa go their separate ways, or will their time together turn into something more than simple sexual bliss?

SoloPlay is a red-hot journey of sexual awakening with a liberal splash of romance. While the love that develops between Mark and Alisa is undoubtedly part of the story, what captured my attention was Alisa’s journey of personal growth. I loved watching her confidence build and Miranda Baker beautifully showed Alisa becoming her own woman over the course of SoloPlay. That doesn’t mean that Mark isn’t dreamy, however, because he definitely is. The sensuality of SoloPlay is off the charts and it’s easy to see how compatible Mark and Alisa are.

SoloPlay is the second book in Ms. Baker’s Come Again series, but as the protagonists from the first story (Bottoms Up) don’t appear, it’s safe to say SoloPlay stands on its own. Still, I enjoyed meeting the salespeople of Come Again so much that I will definitely be reading Bottoms Up. What’s more, I desperately hope Ms. Baker has more Come Again stories planned, particularly if sensual psychic Crystal finds love. While Alisa and Mark are the heart of SoloPlay, Crystal steals every scene she’s in.

With its likeable characters, erotic exploration, and a lovely ending, SoloPlay is a delightfully naughty read that will surely satisfy readers.