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Amethyst Eyes - Melinda Barron Recommended Read

Originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/RRs/July08RR/AmethystEyes.MB.html

Voluptuous dive master Ansling Carr has been tormented by erotic dreams involving two extremely sexy men. When the men of her dreams turn out to be real and show up looking for her to join in a sexual triad to locate a missing mystical stone, Ansling’s world turns upside down. For most of her life Ansling has suppressed her magical gifts. Now, with the help of the delicious Kellen Rainey and Tobias Sinclair, Ansling’s powers will awaken and she will join the fight to keep an evil witch from breaking free of his captivity.

To put it quite simply, I loved this book! Amethyst Eyes is a delightful, red-hot story with mouth-wateringly sexy heroes and an intelligent, likeable heroine. A plot where the heroes and heroine use sex to renew their powers may sound hokey in the hands of another author, but Melinda Barron pulls it off wonderfully. Sex may recharge their bodies, but love binds the threesome together. Amethyst Eyes is an erotic m/m/f tale with a quick-moving plot, an entertaining treasure hunt, battles against an evil witch, and a beautiful romance. What more could you ask for? I Joyfully Recommend Amethyst Eyes and am impatiently waiting for Ms. Barron’s next Pentagram Stones story.