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A Dusting of Syn - Melinda Barron 4.5 Bookmarks - Originally posted on Wild on Books: http://www.wildonbooks.com/reviews/2008/kimberly/melinda_barron_a_dusting_of_syn.htm

As the seventh son of a duke, Keran of Bristol doesn’t have much of a chance to acquire land of his own. So when King Edward IV offers Keran a wife and, with her, a keep called Mardoon that is located near the Scottish border, Keran takes the opportunity. A wife and land of his own are exactly what Keran desires. Yet upon arriving at his new keep, Keran finds that all is not as it should be.

Since her father’s death, Syndra of Mardoon’s life has gone from bad to worse, thanks to her spiteful and calculating stepmother, Elizabeth. When word comes of the king’s plan, Elizabeth threatens Syndra with the death of her friend should Syndra not cooperate with Elizabeth’s devilish plot that will leave her daughter the lady of Mardoon and Elizabeth in control.

Keran is captivated by a mysterious beauty who he knows is more than she seems. The instant Keran and Syndra meet, passion burns brighter and hotter than either expected. But when the truth comes out, will the lovers be able to survive Elizabeth’s evil schemes?

It is probably a good thing I don’t own a time machine, because A DUSTING OF SYN makes me want nothing more than to take a step back in time to the fifteenth century. Of course, this desire is contingent upon there being a seductive hero such as Keran awaiting my arrival. With A DUSTING OF SYN, Melinda Barron has delivered a fantastic, engaging tale that is sure to sweep you off your feet.

Keran is the picture of the perfect hero. He’s strong, handsome, intelligent, and kind. He sees Syndra for the beauty she really is, which I find endearing. There is just something utterly delicious about a hardened warrior being tender with the woman he loves. As for Syndra, she is a delight. She’s sweet and slightly mischievous, with a touch of vulnerability that will grab your heart. She’s the kind of heroine you would love to have as a friend, were she real.

Individually, Keran and Syndra are wonderful characters that would win me over on their own. But when paired together? A DUSTING OF SYN might be set more than five hundred years in the past, but it would be handy to have a very modern fire extinguisher at the ready because the love scenes are hotter than a wildfire! In bed and out, Keran and Syndra are perfectly matched in every way.

A deliciously wicked adventure with a healthy dose of Cinderella charm makes A Dusting of Syn a joy to read. Truly, this book is a sinful (or is that synful?) delight.