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The Resurrection of Josephine - Melinda Barron Recommended Read

Originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/RRs/Oct09RR/theresurrectionofjosephine.MB.html

When you’re a medium, ghosts tend to want to chat. That’s why Martin Vandreen generally avoids cemeteries. But when a dear friend’s father passes away, Martin makes an exception to his graveyard-avoidance and it nearly costs him his life. Something evil lurks in Orleans Cemetery. Something that’s itching to get out. Martin knows he’s going to need help figuring out what attacked him, but he doesn’t expect it to come from two strangers who ambush him in his own apartment.

Rumer Rousseau and her lover, Noah Hopper, are determined to defeat evil witch Josephine LaClaire before she manages to break the spell binding her to Orleans Cemetery and resurrect herself. When Noah, a paramedic, treats Martin at the cemetery, he knows exactly what attacked the medium. Noah and Rumer are sure that Martin is the one who can help them put an end to Josephine. Yet even as Martin agrees to aid them in their quest, the three know that their relationship won’t be all business. Strangers soon become lovers and an even stronger bond forms between the newfound threesome. But can true love prevail over a powerful witch that’s out for blood? Or will the threesome’s burgeoning happiness about to be cut short by the resurrection of Josephine?

It’s a special treat to find a book that just makes you happy every time you read it. Melinda Barron has delivered such a gift in this enchanting Ghost Seekers tale. The Resurrection of Josephine has everything you could want and more: not one, but two sexy heroes, a sassy heroine, utterly delicious lovemaking, and a race against time to defeat an evil spirit. Martin has become one of my favorite of Ms. Barron’s heroes (and let’s face it, he faces some fierce competition to claim that spot). He has a generous nature, a kind soul, and a captivating sensuality about him – what’s a woman (or man) to do but fall for him? As for the two that capture Martin’s heart, Noah matches Martin in the gorgeous department. His gruff nature belied by a caring heart make him a perfect match for Martin and Rumer. And while I might envy her, I cannot help but adore Rumer. Her resolve to defeat Josephine made me admire her and her winning personality, not to mention her sugar addiction, made her a character I’d love to be friends with, were she real.

Though it’s the second Ghost Seekers story, The Resurrection of Josephine fully stands on its own. Those familiar with the first book, Nuit Aux Trois, will remember Martin from that story. They will also delight in having another chance to visit once more with his fellow ghost seekers, Nuit Aux Trois’s heroes and heroine, Dev, Fletch, and Quinn. I am sure after finishing The Resurrection of Josephine readers new to the series will want to go back and read Nuit Aux Trois because the Ghost Seekers tales are just that addictive.

Ms. Barron continues to be one of my absolute favorite authors thanks to her sure-fire talent for penning engaging stories filled with laughter, love, and red-hot eroticism. Her heroes never fail to make me sigh while her heroines always charm me and Noah, Martin, and Rumer are no exception. The Resurrection of Josephine is a to-die-for (no pun intended) story that I have already read and re-read countless times. I loved this story and can’t wait for the next Ghost Seekers book. Joyfully Recommended!