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Sweet Redemption - Melinda Barron Originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/Feb09/sweetredemption.MB.html

Helena has never had a problem accepting her submissive nature. But her somewhat reckless attitude and willingness to try anything lead her to a dangerous situation with an abusive Dom. Scarred by the experience, Helena retreats into herself, away from her sister, friends, and the lifestyle she once craved.

The moment he met her, TK knew Helena was the perfect sub for him. Yet, TK knows that for them to ever have a successful relationship he has to draw Helena out of her shell and back into the live she loves. TK also knows that to do so, Helena needs to reconnect with the BDSM lifestyle, to learn what it truly means to be a sub and have a Dom who cares for her.

Accompanying TK to his club in Florida, Helena is willing to put her body in TK’s hands for some very delicious lessons. But will she risk opening her mind, her heart, to reeducation as well for the chance at happiness with TK?

Wow! Melinda Barron certainly knows how to make sex sizzle and Sweet Redemption showcases that talent perfectly. It’s a perfect blend of eroticism and romance that left me feeling well-satisfied and eager for more.

Though Ms. Barron is a master at penning sensual love scenes (and Sweet Redemption has them in spades), what drew me to this book is Helena’s character growth and her developing relationship with TK. To Ms. Barron’s credit, the journey Helena takes isn’t easy. I admired her for not only coping with the situation she was forced into, but for recognizing and dealing with the mistakes she herself had made. TK, for his part, is not only an incredibly sexy Dom, but he’s patient, kind, and determined to help Helena. He’s there for her not only physically, but mentally, and that makes him a hero worth sighing over.

Though fifth in the Tygers series, Sweet Redemption can stand on its own. Events that occurred in the previous book, Sweet Awakening, are explained enough for a reader new to the series to follow along. That being said, I’m sure readers new to Ms. Barron’s fantastic Tygers series will be in a rush to read the previous books after reading Helena and TK’s story. A stunning mix of passion, patience, trust, and love, Sweet Redemption enthralls from beginning to end.