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For His Eyes Only - Avery Beck Originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/Dec09/forhiseyesonly.AB.html

Having grown up with a freeloading mother who cared for no one but herself, Jacey Cass is determined to make her own way in the world. Her job as a sales clerk at a boutique for Insomnia, one of the hottest lingerie companies in the country, is just one more step towards a brighter future, including being able to afford college. The path she has set for herself means life is all work and no play for Jacey, except once a year. At Insomnia’s annual black-tie soirée, Jacey lets go for one night and has blissful, anonymous sex with the perfect lover, Alex Vaughn.

Alex is one step away from taking over Insomnia. The only person standing in his way is his father who is refusing to hand over the reins even as the man violates the values Insomnia was built on. After his father fires the model for the company’s big summer catalog, Alex has a brilliant idea. The mysterious woman he meets once a year is the perfect beauty to be the Insomnia cover model. What he doesn’t expect is for his enigmatic lover to turn him down flat.

Jacey will never accept a handout, which is exactly what she sees Alex’s offer as. But when the search for a model turns into a televised competition with one hundred thousand dollars and a contract as the prize, Jacey knows the chance to win much-needed money is too good to pass up. The contest brings Jacey back into Alex’s life and into his arms. But someone is out to destroy the burgeoning relationship between Alex and Jacey. It’s up to the lovers to decide if the feelings between them are strong enough to overcome someone else’s machinations.

Like a great piece of lingerie, For His Eyes Only tempts and teases. It’s a sensual delight made enchanting by Avery Beck’s signature charming characters. Jacey is a woman who, for good reason, is absolutely determined to never rely on anyone but herself. She has survived a hellish childhood and come out the stronger for it, so it’s impossible not to cheer for her to find happiness, love, and success. Alex’s background may be miles away from Jacey’s, but he’s her match on every level. Alex may have a wealthy father and be in line for the position of CEO of Insomnia, but he’s also a hard worker and is tender and protective of those he cares for. The road to happily ever after is filled with obstacles for Jacey and Alex, most of them set up by Alex’s conniving father. As the tale’s villain, William Vaughn is suitably irredeemable and fits the bill perfectly.

I’ve quickly come to adore Ms. Beck’s stories for their endearing characters and steamy-hot love scenes; For His Eyes Only has both in spades. I lost myself in Jacey and Alex’s story for hours, finishing the story fully satisfied and eager to read the next book of Ms. Beck’s.