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Nuriel's Cougar - Violet Summers Originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/nuriels-cougar-by-violet-summers

On the continent of Zirah, in the matriarchal world of Merab, Crown Princess Nuriel must choose her four consorts. She’s already fallen in love with the Wolf Lord Ze’ev, her first consort. Now it’s onto the Feline Lands to choose her second consort.

Where Ze’ev is strong and protective, Cougar Lord Kefir is bright and charming. He fascinates Nuriel, but can she make Kefir her second consort without hurting Ze’ev? Nuriel may not have a chance to find out if violet male rebels have their way.

I’d adored every story in both the Queens of Merab and the Queens of Merab 2 series so far, which is why it was so disappointing that I didn’t love Nuriel’s Cougar. Violet Summers deliver a powerful emotional hit with the love between Nuriel and Ze’ev. So powerful, in fact, that adding Kefir into the mix just didn’t do it for me. I don’t expect Nuriel’s quest for her consorts to be almost seemless, like her friend Temair’s (the heroine of the first Queens of Merab series), but Ze’ev and Nuriel’s reaction to bringing in Keifer made Nuriel’s Cougar a bit of a sad read. As much as Nuriel enjoys Kefir in bed, she didn’t particularly seem to desire having more than one consort. And it wasn’t Ze’ev’s jealousy that bothered me – that was to be expected – but the fact that he hurt for a lot of the story got to me. While it’s no spoiler to say that things work out in the end (this is a romance after all), I finished the story feeling like the happy ending rang a bit false. Hopefully things will smooth out in the next story, for I really want to see Nuriel and Ze’ev find genuine happiness with their entire family.