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Icebreaker - Deirdre Martin The hockey bits (excluding the cardboard pep talks) were really good, but there wasn't enough hockey to make up for the rest of the story.

I don't mind neurotic heroines, but Sinead crossed the line into ridiculous territory. Also, her snap-judgments were annoying. First Adam is a moron because he doesn't like to talk, then he's a genius because he can explain hockey positions to her. And her inner dialogue during sex scenes was bad.

Adam took turns being a '50s-era throwback and then a cardboard-perfect hero. It seemed that the only reason he and Sinead were able to make things work was because Adam's friend Anthony kept calling Adam on his stupidity.

All in all, the characters were 2D and the emotional components of the book were way too cheesy for me. Hockey's one of my favorite sports and I've heard a lot about the Blades series, so I was really hoping for something better than this. Perhaps another book in this series would suit me better, but at the moment I don't feel compelled to find out.