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Tempt Me at Twilight - Lisa Kleypas Recommended Read

Originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/reviews/RRs/Nov09RR/temptmeattwilight.lk.html

Of all the Hathaway siblings, Poppy is the one who most yearns for normalcy. But fate, or rather her sister’s pet ferret, changes Poppy’s plans and sets her directly in the path of mysterious hotelier Harry Rutledge. Harry’s everything Poppy doesn’t want: ruthless, manipulative, and seemingly incapable of love. But her reticence at forming an attraction to Harry is belied by her fascination with the man. And when an indiscreet moment lands Poppy at the center of scandal, she surprises her family by accepting Harry’s proposal of marriage.

If there is one thing Harry Rutledge has learned from life, it’s never to rely on anyone but himself. Yet from the moment he meets Poppy Hathaway, he knows he must possess her. But Harry soon discovers that marriage is only the beginning of the battle. To win Poppy’s heart, Harry must first learn to open his own.

Lisa Kleypas’s special brand of magic is at work in this phenomenal third installment to her enchanting Hathaway series. Tempt Me at Twilight is everything you could want in a story; it’s captivating, tender, humorous, and beautifully penned by a master of romance.

Ms. Kleypas has a gift for creating memorable characters, and those that populate Tempt Me at Twilight are no exception. Harry is a man hardened by past experiences. He loves no one, trusts few, and manipulates everyone. Even at his most calculating, Harry is an irresistible hero. Something in him calls out for Poppy and even though he schemes to win her hand in marriage, it’s because he cannot let her go. Watching him struggle with wanting to make someone happy for the first time in his life kept me spellbound for a great part of the book. I could fill pages and never do justice to describing Harry’s character or what drew me so to him, so I’ll leave it with saying you have to read the book for the opportunity to be entranced by Harry. As for Poppy, she’s an absolutely amazing heroine. She’s intelligent, giving, kind, and never backs down. She’s not perfect, but she’s perfect for Harry. I loved watching these two work through the problems in their relationship to find happiness.

Though Tempt Me at Twilight is the third book in Ms. Kleypas’s Hathaway series, it can be read on its own (though there are some minor spoilers for the first two books). Yet, even though each book in this series can stand alone, the Hathaways, not to mention their spouses and pets, are all quite involved in each other’s lives. The closeness of the Hathaway family is one of the things that makes this series so delightful. Amelia, Cam, Win, Merripen, Leo, and Beatrix, as well as Catherine Marks and Jake Valentine, friends of Poppy and Harry’s respectively, are all vividly drawn and endearing characters in their own right. They add a liveliness to the story that kept me smiling all the way through and I cannot wait for Leo and Beatrix’s books.

Tempt Me at Twilight is a sensual, exciting tale of two people who are meant to be – they just don’t know it at first. I loved every page of this fantastic story and each successive re-read has just solidified my reasons for placing this book on my keeper shelf. I finished Tempt Me at Twilight feeling almost giddy and hungry for the next enticing story by the tremendously talented Ms. Kleypas.