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Baby, Come Home - Stephanie Bond My review originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/baby-come-home-by-stephanie-bond

The Armstrong brothers are determined to re-build their hometown of Sweetness, Georgia, after it was destroyed by a tornado a decade before. They’ve got deadlines to meet to keep their government grants and everything’s on track now that the town has women joining the team as well as men. Kendall, the middle Armstrong brother, was the one who wrote the ad that Sweetness needed women and placed it in a Northern town newspaper. What his brothers don’t know is that Kendall picked a very specific town for a very specific reason: he’s hoping to lure Amy Bradshaw – the woman he loved and lost over twelve years before – back to Sweetness. Unfortunately, his ad doesn’t bring Amy to town. But luckily for Kendall, his brother is able to hire civil engineer Amy to come to Sweetness and rebuild a historic bridge…a bridge that just happens to have many memories for Kendall and Amy. Amy seems determined to stay in Sweetness just long enough to get the job done. It’s up to Kendall to convince her to come home to him for good.

I love a well-written reunion romance and Baby, Come Home definitely tickled my fancy. Kendall and Amy’s romance had sensuality, surprises, and stubbornness to spare as these two smart, hard-headed people burned up the sheets. Amy and Kendall may have no problems in the bedroom, but they do struggle to compromise on that middle ground all couples need to find. They weren’t able to effectively communicate when they were younger, which leads to some surprises in Baby, Come Home, but Stephanie Bond had me glued to the book watching how Kendall and Amy overcome the past to make things work the second time around.

Baby, Come Home is the second book in the Southern Roads trilogy and if you don’t mind a few minor spoilers from the first book, Baby, Drive South, then Kendall and Amy’s story can be read as a standalone. However, you’d be missing out by not reading this series in order, as it’s such a delight to watch the town and townspeople of Sweetness progress over the course of the trilogy. There’s even a subplot involving one of the town’s doctors that has me utterly charmed and eager to see how it turns out. All in all, I adored Baby, Come Home and I absolutely cannot wait for the final book in the Southern Roads trilogy, Baby, Don’t Go!