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Rogue In My Arms - Celeste Bradley Originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/rogue-in-my-arms-by-celeste-bradley

When a young girl is left on the steps of Brown’s Club for Distinguished Gentlemen with a note saying one of its members is her father, Sir Colin Lambert barely dares to hope that little Melody is his daughter. On a quest to discover the truth of Melody’s parentage, Colin attempts to track down stunning actress Chantal Marchant. The beautiful actress broke his heart once, but if Melody is their daughter, perhaps his dreams to marry Chantal can come true…that is, if he can find her. It seems Chantal is on the move, so Colin enlists Chantal’s former seamstress, Prudence Filby, to help track her down. But Prudence isn’t all that she seems and though he resists the temptation, Colin finds himself falling for the mysterious Pru. Yet if Chantal truly is Melody’s mother, Colin can’t afford not to marry his former lover. Stuck in a battle between his head and his heart, which woman will wear Colin’s ring?

Secrets and half-truths fill the pages of the appealing Rogue in My Arms. Celeste Bradley’s Runaway Brides heroes continue their search to find which one of them is Melody’s father and their different avenues of investigation provide the most unexpected results. For Colin, it’s meeting the woman who will capture his heart, who isn’t, in fact, the woman of his dreams. Pru is hardworking, sensible, and kind-hearted; in other words, she’s everything a heroine should be and everything Chantal is not. I adored Pru and her little brother Evan. Colin, too, I liked, when I didn’t want to shake him over his delusions regarding Chantal’s character. Stealing the show, however, is Melody, who continues to make me laugh and “awww” with her antics. It’s the characters which bring life to Rogue in My Arms more than anything else. They’re lively and endearing and I so wanted to see everything work out for Colin and Pru that I set down Rogue in My Arms only when necessary. I finished Rogue in My Arms a well-satisfied reader, but when I read the preview for Scoundrel in My Dreams, the last Runaway Brides book, I was immediately eager for more. Ms. Bradley has me on the edge of my seat, waiting for Scoundrel in My Dream’s release. Until that day comes, however, I’ll just sit back and enjoy the first two Runaway Brides books, Devil in My Bed and Rogue in My Arms.