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Angel: 1089 - C.C. Bridges Originally posted on Joyfully Reviewed: http://www.joyfullyreviewed.com/new-reviews/angel-1089-by-c-c-bridges

Gabriel 1089 is a cybernetically modified human that protects the aerial city of Heaven from the demons that will fly in and steal, under the cover of darkness. But one night a routine assignment turns into an ambush and Gabriel finds himself downside with only one wing and stripped of his network-enabled halo. He’s also in the hands of a handsome tech expert.

Widower Jeff Werth isn’t surprised to see demons on his doorstep; demons run the area of Old Trent where he lives. He is shocked, however, when they bring an injured angel to him, telling him to heal the man and keep him until the demons need him. Jeff hates the idea of allowing a person to be used by demons, but he can’t argue. Years ago, demons saved his daughter’s legs and if he keeps Gabriel for them the debt will be paid. But the longer Gabriel stays with him, the more Jeff falls for the former angel. With demons breathing down his neck and Gabriel’s long-forgotten past slowly coming back to haunt him, Jeff knows he’s running against the clock to find a way to keep Gabriel with him forever.

It’s been a long time since I’ve read a great cyberpunk story and Angel 1089 definitely fits the bill. Cybernetics, danger, love in many forms, and, oh yes, some wicked wing action make Angel 1089 an engaging, exciting read. C.C. Bridges has created a world rich with detail and intrigue. There are so many layers to Angel 1089 that after I finished the story I still wanted to pick apart different aspects of the world.

Even though the world is captivating, the heart of Angel 1089 is its characters. From Jeff to Gabe to Kayla (Jeff’s daughter) to Jeff’s various friends, each person felt fully fleshed out and unique. I loved the group dynamic of the downsiders and the various relationships just serve to add even more depth to Angel 1089.

Angel 1089 has everything you could want in a cyberpunk romance. It’s sensual and gripping and is filled with both heartbreak and hope. I adored Angel 1089 from beginning to end and Ms. Bridges has me on the edge of my seat for more Heaven Corp books because I can’t wait to see what she does next!