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Demon Bound - Meljean Brook My review originally posted on Wild on Books: http://www.wildonbooks.com/reviews/2008/kimberly/meljean_brook_demon_bound.htm

Over a hundred years ago, Alice Grey made a bargain with the demon Teqon. A bargain that would mean delivering the heart of the leader of the Guardians, Michael, or else face an eternity of damnation more horrifying than anyone could imagine. Now Teqon has grown tired of waiting and is calling in her debt.

Jacob Hawkins is a novice Guardian who possesses the rare ability to teleport. His very gift may be the key to helping Alice find a way out of her hellish agreement. But when Jake starts spending more and more time with the “Black Widow,” as she’s nicknamed amongst the Guardians, he’s surprised to find himself falling for her. As the two try to find a way to free Alice from the bargain from hell, unexpected passion begins to burn between the unlikely couple. And to complicate matters further, Jake and Alice are about to uncover some secrets that were, perhaps, never meant to be revealed.

If I may be allowed a moment of supreme ineloquence…I love this book! DEMON BOUND is an exceptional, engaging, passionate addition to Meljean Brook’s extraordinary Guardian series. Ms. Brook is one of those precious rare authors who has managed to create a world and characters within it that are stunningly inventive, yet immensely relatable. DEMON BOUND showcases this talent perfectly, providing an action-packed romance that kept me enthralled from start to finish.

I must admit, though an avid fan of the Guardian series, before reading DEMON BOUND I wasn’t quite sure if I would like Jake as a hero. Though I liked him immensely in Demon Night, for most of the story he felt, to me, like the kid brother to his mentor, Ethan. Happily, any doubts I had were quickly eradicated, as Jake defied my expectations. He’s still cheeky, but I found myself charmed. He has an energy that just comes off the page and I couldn’t help but become attached to him. He’s also dominant, sexy, intelligent, and self-sacrificing, putting him firmly in the sigh-worthy hero category.

Ms. Brook has a talent for creating incredibly unique heroines, and Alice is no exception. From the very start, Alice is an unusual heroine who doesn’t fit into any mold I’ve ever seen. She’s brilliant, but also a bit witchy, a bit quirky, and, in rare moments, a bit vulnerable. The circumstances, complications, and consequences of her deal with Teqon only further serve to make her more interesting. Simply put, I adored her. Alice is fascinating, very likeable, and surprisingly relatable. I wasn’t sure how she and Jake would be a match for one another, and yet they were. They were an intriguing couple and I was could not put DEMON BOUND down because I wanted to know how Jake and Alice would find their happily ever after.

One of the things I love most about this series is that while each book blends perfectly with the last, no book feels at all like any other. All the stories in this series, full-length and novella alike, are so fantastically different I am always eager to see what Ms. Brook comes up with next. The overarching plot is always fluid, but the stories themselves are one-of-a-kind and I find myself blown away by each and every story.

In DEMON BOUND, Ms. Brook continues to develop the world of the Guardians, as well as the nephilim, demons, and the mysterious leader of the Guardians, Michael. I cannot say much without spoiling the plot, but I can say that while some secrets are revealed, Ms. Brook continues to add phenomenally entertaining twists and turns that will rock the very foundation of the Guardian world. Nothing will be the same after DEMON BOUND.

For those new to the Guardian series, Ms. Brook intertwines background information where she can so that newcomers will not be lost. However, if you are starting the series with DEMON BOUND, or perhaps need a refresher on the series, I recommend at least visiting Ms. Brook’s website and reading her Guardian primer that provides the highlights of the necessary background information for each book (though the primer does include spoilers). Of course, as a huge fan of the series, my instinct is always to tell newcomers to read all the books because they are incredible.

DEMON BOUND is an engaging and fresh read that is sure to captivate. I loved watching Jake and Alice’s romance unfold and while at first they seemed to be an odd pairing, they fit each other perfectly. I also cannot leave out my delight in being able to “visit” with my favorite hero and heroine from the Guardian series, Hugh and Lilith (of Demon Angel). What’s more, I find myself increasingly drawn to Michael and, with each book, am eager to learn more and more about this fascinating and complex character. DEMON BOUND is an outstanding read from beginning to end and I absolutely cannot wait for the next installment of this amazing series.